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New Homes Denver - Tips on Denver New Homes

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Just imagine the feeling of looking out your window to a breath taking view of the snow capped Rocky Mountains. If you have visions of living in such a place, the progressive city of Denver offers new homes in desirable neighborhoods at reasonable prices. As the Denver housing market continues to stabilize, it is a great time to start looking at new homes in Denver.

The National Association of Homebuilders credits Denver with the foresight of not overbuilding in new housing construction. That should help the city recover smoothly from the housing crisis. A look at sales numbers points to a steady increase of sales and more interest in Denver new homes during the second quarter in 2010.

The median price for homes in Denver went up about $20,000 or 11.2% per home compared to the same period in 2009. A current median price for Denver homes on the market is $199,000 or about $189 per ft which is also an increase of 2.2%. Some of the more popular neighborhoods in Denver show a wide range of prices. For perspective home buyers in Cherry Creek, the average listing was $1,009,552 while Green Valley Ranch home prices averaged slightly less than $173,923 as listed on Trulia.

Some of the best news regarding Denver new homes and other listings is that home sales seem to be distributed all around the city. The latest reports show at least one quarter of all homes sold in Denver were spread out over one quarter of Denver’s neighborhoods. That is a good sign of stability for the entire area.

Residents moving to Denver to work in the technology and energy industries will be able to find a fair supply of Denver new homes in nearly every neighborhood. Costs will vary based on neighborhoods and proximity to downtown but solid values exist throughout the city. Having technology and energy as two of the top industries is a plus for the city. Both industries are holding steady in a tough economy.

A diverse mix of Denver new homes is on hand for perspective buyers. Nearly any buyer should be able to find a quality new home in a price range to fit individual circumstances. For example, one development of new homes in Denver’s Green Valley list starting prices of $250,000. That price covers the cost of about 2700 sq. ft. and 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms and a double garage. Westminster offers new homes in the $300,000 price range offering about 2000 sq. ft. of living space with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and a garage.

Similar sizes cost more in some areas. New homes in Denver’s Platte Park neighborhood start in the $400,000 range due to the location. Mayfair listings run higher for similar homes. For those who desire a location downtown or in more exclusive neighborhoods, Denver new home prices on condos or townhomes might be a better fit in your price range. For the most part, those prepared to buy in the Mile High City should be able to match a Denver new home to their budget and still find most of the ‘must-haves’ on the list of amenities.

A fair supply of Denver new homes is available at reasonable prices for the last quarter of 2010. If interest in the Denver housing market continues to grow, look for those prices to increase along with the market interest. For those wanting to move to a scenic city with low crime rates and good schools, check out new homes in Denver while the supply is still available.

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