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Fountain Valley Home - Tips on Homes in Fountain Valley California

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If you’d like to find “A Nice Place to Live,” then check out Fountain Valley, CA. That’s their motto. A Fountain Valley home is a great investment due to its proximity to the beach and to the larger city of Huntington Beach and other small cities. This bedroom community to Huntington Beach features a safe place for families to live in Orange County.

Reflecting a drop of about $7000 last quarter, the median cost of a Fountain Valley home in June 2010 was $548,000 for a single family home. The city entices families to move to the area by offering a sizeable first time home buyer’s credit. For qualified buyers, the city provides a 50K credit for a 1 bedroom home, 150K for a 2 bedroom place and 150K for 3+ bedroom Fountain Valley homes. They also offer other services to help residents with costs and resources.

With a population of about 60,000 residents, Fountain Valley is home to Hyundai and Kingston Technology. Its location is also desirable due to the city’s parks, good schools and low crime rate. Commute time to neighborhood cities is handy with the San Diego Freeway splitting the town.

Families living in Fountain Valley earn 20K more than the median income for Californians. Fountain Valley residents list a median income of about $70,000. Like most areas in the country, Fountain Valley has its share of foreclosed homes. Buyers can take advantage of foreclosed properties to get a great bargain on a Fountain Valley home.

Buyers in the market for a Fountain Valley town home could find a foreclosure as low as 200,000 for a 2 bedroom unit. A wide range of prices for condos and town homes exist in the area. One bedroom multi-family home units run in the upper 200’s or a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom unit with 1690 sq ft lists at $475,000.

A single family home in Fountain Valley can run as low as 300K for a foreclosed property with over 2700 sq ft, 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. For those who prefer new construction, a recently listed Fountain Valley home features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and over 2800 sq ft for $800,000.

If you are interested in moving out of the big city to a quieter safer environment, consider looking at a Fountain Valley home to enjoy the beach, parks, good schools and safe neighborhoods. Find out for yourself that it is “A Nice Place to Live”.

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