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Tarrant County Community College - Tips on Tarrant County Community College

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You can lose your house or get fired from your job but an education stays with you forever. No matter what is happening with the economy or what benefits your company wants to take away, no one can take away your education.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you can enroll in a community college and find whatever help you need to get on track for a degree. Tarrant County Community College in Texas is a great example to show the opportunities community colleges offer.

One of the benefits of attending a community college is the wide range of services provided. Like most junior colleges, Tarrant County Community College can assist students who need to finish credits for a high school diploma in order to enroll. Those who intend to transfer credits to a four-year university can complete core requirements in their field while living at home. After earning core credits, they can finish at a four-year school. The school has several learning centers to give students extra assistance.

Many community colleges have several satellite locations to give students the convenience of studying closer to home. Added locations also reinforce the credibility of a school. Tarrant County Community College boasts five different locations in Texas. Opening in 2009, Trinity River Campus is the newest site set in Forth Worth. All of the Tarrant County Community campuses are set in Fort Worth, Arlington and Hurst. The school also features several learning centers.

Tarrant County Community College presents Distance Learning Classes as well as instruction through public television and the Internet. Students can also make their schedules on line without the need of traveling to a facility. Opportunities to take classes in Austria, Italy, France and Mexico are offered through the school.

Since Tarrant County Texas residents voted to approve a community college in 1965, it has experienced steady growth. Originally know as Tarrant County Junior College, Tarrant County Community College served about 20,000 students in 1980. In 2009, over 44,000 students enrolled placing it at number six in the state for largest student enrollment.

The cost of attending Tarrant County Community College, like most two-year programs , is much lower than a university. The tuition amount for each hour of credit is lower at a community college. Many extra costs are not automatically added to your bill like they are at four-year schools. There are options for food plans or dorm rooms but administrators at a community college allow you to make choices that best fit your lifestyle. If you aren’t going to use a fitness center or other college facilities, you typically don’t have to pay those costs.

Over 1700 people are employed by Turrant County Community College. The teacher to student ratio is about 24 to 1 students with the average age of about 26 years old. Students can earn an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science, Applied Science, Science, Arts, Arts and Arts in Teaching.

Choose Turrant County Community College or another school but, if it is possible, get a degree. An education gives you the upper-hand for success in life.

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