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Buy Anti Virus Software - Tips on Computer Virus Protection

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Beware to computer users who get caught up in the latest gadgets and forget to buy anti virus software. All those brilliant configurations and plans will turn into anti software and hardware if a virus makes it go bye-bye.

A decade ago computer users had the anti protection from virus excuse that the software was too expensive, too complicated and took too much time. After all, it involved a trip to the local electronics store to purchase the appropriate software, and then it took time to load the software and actually install the program. Just excuses, nonetheless. Those days are long gone my anti software virus friend!

Today you don’t even have to buy anti virus software if you choose to go on the cheap. Decent anti virus programs are available to download on line at no cost. Just be careful. Don’t be too lazy and download a fake or a scam. Some people think they are downloading a free program only to discover later that it is not free. Read the agreement. Check with other people who have used free anti virus software downloads.

The best anti bug software on the market protects against a virus and often includes spyware and malware. The possibility of downloading a virus to your computer is very real. What some people don’t seem to realize is the danger any on-line user faces from cybercriminals. Cyberspace has been a wide open market for hackers to send bugs to infest your computer. Once you no longer have control, the outsiders take over.

Criminals can control any information stored on your hard drive from bank account balances and numbers to all your personal information. This method of infecting a computer is called a “drive-by download”. You could be navigating to a social network or to your e-mail when a virus attaches itself and travels back to your computer. Sometimes just buying anti virus software isn’t enough to fully protect your computer.

Companies like Microsoft, Adobe and other big names in software often provide updates through security patches. Combining security patches with anti virus software can prevent a virus from downloading. New software to assist with virus protection recently entered the market. Some of those products are offered free of charge. According to USA Today, information on four new products developed to aid in protecting against a virus, hackers and other threats to safety in cyberspace is available at www.slimwareutilities.com.

As a computer user it’s time to face the fact that you are responsible for keeping your information and your computer safe. It takes a certain amount of knowledge to do that. Make sure you have anti virus software with spyware and malware protection, a spam filter, security patches and an up-to-date browser installed on your computer. Taking a little time now to learn about virus protection is nothing compared to the consequences of ruining your hard drive or losing your identity to a cyber thief.

Once you decide to make sure your computer is safe, check on line review sites or customer feedback before you buy anti virus software. You are safe going with the big brand names like Norton or McAfee but there are many others available.

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