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Mont St Michel Hotels - Tips on Mont St Michel Hotels

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As you might expect from a World Heritage Site such as Mont St Michel, an incredible amount of tourists descend upon the island. Peak season during the summer is extremely crowded. Whether you travel during peak season or not, visitors recommend Mont St Michel hotels for at least a one night stay.

Although you won’t find luxurious accommodations on this island located a half mile off the northern coast of France, Mont St Michel hotels allow you the best location to photograph the unbelievable views of the Gothic-style abbey at sunset and sunrise. Staying as close as possible also allows you to explore the island after the influx of tourists and buses leave for the day.

Besides the technical feat of monks building the huge Benedictine abbey over 1000 years ago, travelers from all over the world are fascinated with Mont St Michel for many reasons. Religious scholars recognize the significance of the abbey through stories of its namesake, the archangel St. Michael. History buffs are eager to see the ominous structure due to its infamous role in the French Revolution when the abbey housed a prison. Any visitor traveling to the island should stay in one of the Mont St Michel hotels in order to absorb the unique historical aspects and the true experience of Mont St Michel.

A few hotels in Mont St Michel are slightly more convenient than others, but all are a short distance from the abbey. Former visitors stress the need to think ahead when planning your trip and hotel choice. Due to being one of Europe’s top attractions, you should expect over-priced souvenirs, food and other items. You can avoid extra costs by planning a picnic lunch or avoiding the shops but don’t cut corners by missing the wonder of taking the last flight of steps to the very top of the abbey. You need to purchase a ticket but climbing all the steps to take in the views of the village, the huge stone wall, the water and the structure itself make the expense well worth it.

Keep in mind that Mont St Michel hotels stay in demand year round so they can charge a higher price than hotels outside the island. The amenity of the spectacular views and the convenient location helps visitors forget about the cost. The closet hotel to the abbey is Le Relais Sanit Michel where you can expect to pay a premium price for a premium view. The price range of $231-$436 gets you a clean bathroom and decent room but don’t expect extravagance. Mont St Michel hotels provide guests with a place to sleep while the main attraction is the abbey. The hotels are not destination hotels; they’re more of a link to allow visitors direct access to their prized destination.

The Hotel Mercure Mont Saint Michel is not quite as close but highly rated by guests as comfortable and clean. It is on the outside edge of the tourist area with rates ranging from $105 to $372. Another top choice of visitors is the Hotel Du Guesclin where rooms cost under a $100 and are described as peaceful and clean but small. Rounding out 5 of the top choices of Mont St Michel hotels are Auberge Saint-Pierre and Le Relais du Roy.

Located about 200 west of Paris, France Mont St Michel is one of the country’s greatest treasures. If you make the journey to this medieval marvel, make the most of it by staying at one of the Mont St Michel hotels located nearby.

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