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Suncoast Schools Credit Union - Suncoast Schools Credit Union Focuses on Members

financial services enjoy integrity

Despite recent controversy swirling around banks and bailouts, there is still integrity in several facets of the industry. Many credit unions serve as examples. The integrity of Suncoast Schools Credit Union seems apparent as it focuses on efficiency and fairness to its member-owned cooperative.

Since its origin in 1934, Suncoast Schools Credit Union has increased its membership to become the largest credit union in Florida. In the United States it ranks 8th in size of all credit unions. Their philosophy to “improve the quality of members’ lives” by offering a secure and efficient service remains unchanged from the original purpose. They are also dedicated to earning respect and gaining the trust of credit union members.

Suncoast Schools Credit Union does not operate to make money. It is a not-for-profit organization with all profits maintained in its membership. Those profits might translate into lower interest rates on loans and less costs for services provided by the credit union. Members also enjoy a higher percentage of return on deposits with Suncoast Schools Credit Union.

Originally founded as a teacher’s credit union for Hillsborough County Florida, Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union currently draws from a diverse population of members. It has branched out to allow students, county and city workers and many other area businesses to join. Hospital workers as well as both public and private school staff are members of Suncoast Schools Credit Union. It gained federal charter status in 1978 to extend membership opportunities to small employee groups.

Suncoast Schools Credit Union operates under the direction of a volunteer board. The board provides rules and regulations to staff. Because the Board of Directors is in charge instead of private owners or investors who expect a profit, the credit union actually serves its member/owners rather than a group of stockholders. That status is one reason members enjoy services at a lower cost in a stable financial setting.

Suncoast Schools Credit Union operates in an extremely efficient manner. With an efficiency rate at least 50% lower than comparable financial companies in the geographic area, members can expect optimal rates and dividends. The high level of efficiency is the second reason that sets this credit union apart from other financial institutions.

Suncoast Schools Credit Union offers the full services of any financial institution. In addition, checking is free for all members. Members can also earn points for all kinds of perks from merchandise to trips. In that regard the Suncoast Schools Credit Union measures to similar businesses.

As far as integrity and employee convenience is concerned, Suncoast Schools Credit Union provides the utmost in service. As an employee-owned cooperative members enjoy all the benefits of any banking institution without answering to investors who expect large returns on their money.

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