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St Petersburg Flights - Tips on St. Petersburg Cheap Flights

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It is all about the destination. Most travelers have experienced destination hotels or the more obvious destination vacations. Have you had the chance to enjoy the benefits of destination airports?

Destination airports are frequented by small private planes or corporate jets. They thrive on charter services. If you are lucky enough to live in a city like St. Petersburg, Florida, then you probably know that St. Petersburg cheap flights hook up directly with one of these smaller airports or the smaller airline companies.

Inbound and outbound traffic from the St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) are not only cheap but many feature desirable nonstop flights. Located only 14 miles away for PIE, the large airline companies featured at the much larger and busier Tampa International Airport (TPA) can’t compete with the prices and nonstop status of many of charter flights. If you aren’t convinced that St. Petersburg cheap flights don’t originate from charter companies, just compare rates of charter flights and brand name airline fares.

For example, checking on St. Petersburg cheap flights to Chicago shows the lowest rate provided by Airtran Airways. Airtran’s charge for the same ticket is $25 less than the major airline carrier, Continental Airlines. Airtran charters fly in and out of Chicago’s Midway International Airport (MDW) rather than the larger more congested setting of O’Hare International Airport (ORD).

Like almost anything that appears too good to be true, there are a few drawbacks associated with St. Petersburg cheap flights booked through smaller airlines. Many charters offering nonstop service cut back on passenger amenities to keep prices low. Simply translated, that means you need to pack your own little bag of pretzels and buy a bottle of water before you board. If you don’t, then expect to pay for in-flight refreshments.

Charter companies featuring St. Petersburg cheap flights also fly to limited destinations. Those places are not as limited as it might appear. For example, many destination airports like PIE exist across Canada and the United States as well as the Caribbean Islands. When you browse all the cities served by various charter companies, a wide range of choices exist. Each company might serve a particular region but all the companies as a whole cover many popular destinations. In addition, it is often cheaper to fly to a smaller airport and drive to a nearby attraction rather than pay the higher price for the ticket booked with one of the big airlines.

Besides the cheap flights to and from St. Petersburg via charter services, another perk of using smaller airports like PIE is the lower level of congestion. There is much less hassle dealing with crowds of people and backed up lines of frustrated passengers waiting to get through the security gates.

If you want to take a St. Petersburg cheap flight to soak up the sun on one of the area’s famous white sand beaches or to soak in the culture of the Dali art collection at The Salvador Dali Museum, look at prices of charter airlines before you book your trip.

All major airlines fly to area airports near St. Petersburg, Florida. If you need to book with a major airline, go to a discount ticket site like Kayak or Cheap Tickets to find the best rates for all carriers. Most of the time, the majority of cheap flights originate through the smaller airlines.

Some of the charter companies serving the St. Petersburg area include Allegiant Air, Airtran, Sun Wing, Locair, Vision Airlines and Sea Coast Airlines. If you are serious about seeking the best St. Petersburg cheap flight, check out a charter.

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