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Tenerife Cheap Flights - Tips on Tenerife Cheap Flights

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Each year millions of visitors fly to Tenerife, the largest of the Canary Islands. The Spanish island features two airports, one in the North known as Los Rodeos and one in the South called Reina Sofia Airport. If you are looking for Tenerife cheap flights from the United States, the lowest fares combine international carriers for indirect routes.

Air travel in Europe can be compared at places like E-booker. E-booker is a service providing discounts on Tenerife cheap flights from European airports. The travel agency offers discounted retail travel fares to and from all destinations in Europe. Some Tenerife cheap flights based in the UK are provided through budget airlines like Ryanair and easyJet. Stansted Airport in London serves as the hub for many low cost carriers.

Using a similar service in the United States to search for a Tenerife cheap flight is one of the best ways to find the lowest rate. Kayak, Low Fares, Cheap Tickets and Orbitz are examples of a few sites that generate lists of Tenerife cheap flights. Travelers can even sign up for e-mail notification for drops in certain fares. Most sites recommend flying during mid week to get the lowest rates. Traveling during the off season also can translate into lower costs. That’s good news for Tenerife-bound travelers because the spring like temperatures exist year round.

All Tenerife flights originating from U.S. cities are indirect flights. The cheapest flights to Tenerife from cities in the U.S. depend on location. One of the cheapest Tenerife flights can be booked from Miami to Tenerife Island’s capital, Santa Cruz. Depending on the date of departure, one stop flights are as low as $783 for a round trip ticket through Iberia Airlines. Listed on Kayak, the flight goes from Miami to Madrid, Spain to the final destination of Tenerife Island booked through Vayama.

Cheap Tickets lists a similar priced fare from New York through Air Europa. Booked for the same dates, the cheapest Tenerife flight runs about $730 but involves over night travel. That fare also has one stop in Madrid, Spain. For travelers willing to make more than one stop, prices tend to be lower. No matter how many scheduled stops are made, flights from the United States to Tenerife Island involve at least 12 hours one way. Some travel times include over night travel or more than 24 hours for a one way flight.

Whether or not you can find a cheap flight to Tenerife, most travelers agree this Spanish Island is worth the cost and effort. The popular attraction of Teide Tenerife Volcano allows visitors to climb to one of the highest elevations in Spain to afford a sweeping view of the Islands. Beaches on Tenerife Island contrast from black sands due to the natural structure of the volcano to light gold sand on manmade resort beaches. Many tourists focus on the southern part of Tenerife in cities like Arona in Santa Cruz where sun bathers enjoy the most hours of sunny weather.

The Spanish culture of the Tenerife Island hints of the ancient tribal influence of the Gaunches. For visitors interested in the rich traditions of the Island’s inhabitants, driving to destinations beyond the popular beaches gives a glimpse into the rich culture heritage of the Island.

Travelers seeking low cost hotels or cheap flights to Tenerife will be more likely to find the best rates if travel dates and times are flexible. Check all airports within a reasonable distance as rates have a wide range depending on the airports and the airlines serving the area.

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