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Part Time Jobs In New Jersey - How to Find a Part Time Job in New Jersey

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A bad time for the economy often translates into a good time for those looking for part time jobs. That has been the case in New Jersey. Part time jobs in that state are on the increase.

Part time jobs in New Jersey, temporary jobs and full time jobs are available from a few sources all states have in common. They all offer government jobs. Federal and state level jobs are available throughout the country. New Jersey part time job seekers should check government listings during peak times of the year. For example, federal taxes are due April 15. Government agencies may need to hire more people to handle extra work for the Internal Revenue Service. Presidential elections or the government census require more part-time workers in order to complete the heavy workload.

As the economy begins to recover in New Jersey, employers need to hire more workers but they might not be ready to commit to full time workers who qualify for spendy benefits like health insurance, vacation pay and other perks. They can offer two part time jobs at much less cost than one full time job.

The bonus of working part time jobs in New Jersey can benefit both the employere and the employee. Employers can be cautious before hiring full time workers but workers also have much more flexibility. College students or parents with young children might opt for part time jobs with convenient schedules to fit their needs. If a job seeker isn’t sure about a career change, part time or temporary work can help with the choice. Once a person lands a full time permanent job, there is usually a set work schedule allowing for fewer choices and less flexibility for the employee.

Part time jobs in New Jersey are listed on government job sites as well as several other public and private sites. Public listings for educational employment or public recreation facilities are posted for any person who wants to register while many private employment agencies charge fees. Their listings are only available to paid members.

Other Internet listings for New Jersey jobs can be found on some of the same sites used throughout the states. Monster, Career Builder, Hot Jobs or Indeed are just a few examples. Many businesses advertise job opportunities on their home websites.

One example is Campbell Soup Company in Camden, NJ. From their home page, consumers can find information about the company, its history, its products and links to related information. Part time jobs for this New Jersey company are listed under career opportunities on the Campbell site. Hospitals, large retail stores, restaurants and a host of other businesses feature job openings on their home pages.

Those hunting for part time jobs in New Jersey will find a long list of potential employers. From job listings posted on national chains to state websites featuring the latest ads, the number of part time jobs is on the rise.

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