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Sub Zero Refrigerator Freezer - Sub Zero Refrigerator Freezer Buyers’ Guide

food line refrigeration integrated

Sooner or later, every homeowner goes through the exercise of replacing their refrigerator-freezer. For those consumers who are looking for something stylish and efficient, luxury appliance manufacturer Sub zero offers refrigerator-freezers that satisfy both. Sub zero refrigerator freezers come in the traditional freezer on top style, side-by-side, freezer on the bottom and an integrated version that defies conventional styling. Another option is built-in appliances, which are designed to be flush with the rest of the cabinetry for seamless blending.

A highlight of sub zero food storage appliances is the dual refrigeration units that are included in every model. With separate refrigeration units, there is no cross over of air between the refrigeration and freezing sections of the appliance and each area can be controlled independently. Storing food at the right temperature and humidity level, keeps food fresher longer.

Built-in Food Storage – Sub Zero 600 Series

The built-in line of sub zero refrigerator freezer offers consumers the most choices. This product line is available in two styles, the freezer on the bottom model called an over-and-under and in a side by side version. These food storage models come in a wide variety of widths to accommodate most kitchen designs. Ranging from a 30’ wide over and under to a 48” wide side by side, with and without ice dispensers and a glass door option, the BI series is the most popular line of refrigerator freezer that sub zero carries. Four of the models have also earned the Energy Star rating for their low energy consumption. The units with ice makers are not Energy Star rated, however.

Integrated Refrigeration – Sub Zero 700 Series

For those who do not want their refrigerator freezer to look like one or to be limited to where it can be placed, the 700 line of integrated food storage appliances is the answer. Developed to enable interior design to remain constant throughout the kitchen, the integrated line of sub zero refrigerator freezers sit flush with cabinetry and is covered in stainless steel or custom overlays to blend with the design scheme. Available in 27” and 36” widths, these units are intended for ‘point of use’ installation and can be installed in the bedroom, study, den or any other room the customer desires. Handless hardware is also available for the 700 series products.

Commercial Quality Line – Pro48 Refrigerator Freezer

Sub zero refrigerator freezers also come in a professional quality version, the Pro48 model. The Pro48 has advanced setting options for specialized temperature and humidity control with exterior displays for easy management. The unit features two compressors and three evaporators that deliver superior cooling to keep foods fresh longer and control odors. The model can be either built-in or freestanding and is designed with refrigeration on top and two bottom freezer drawers. A glass door option is also available.

Sub zero was founded at the end of WWII in August 1945 by American inventor, Westye Bakke. The company continues its tradition of family ownership, now in its third generation. Since the 1980s, the company has been headed by Bakke’s grandson, President and CEO Jim Bakke. Sub zero products are manufactured in Wisconsin and Arizona.

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