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Free Chinese Translation - How To Search Out Free Chinese Translation

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In this ever expanding world, things are actually becoming smaller and smaller. Worlds that may have never had contact before are coming into daily contact. For those who are not adept at learning other languages or for someone who has only infrequent contact with someone, translation services are required, and the cheaper the better. One of the languages that most commonly need to be translated these days is Chinese. Free Chinese translation is available, but you have to look for it as well as determine a few things before you go searching.

The first thing you need to decide when looking for free Chinese translation is to determine what language, or languages you will need the document or text translated into. While this may seem obvious at first, one needs to be clear when looking for people to work on the project, as some people will be stronger translating in one direction over the other. If the document is in English and it needs to be translated into Chinese or the document is in Chinese and needs to be translated in English the direction of the translation should be fully explained at the beginning. Also, if the document is in a language other than English and needs to be translated into Chinese or it is in Chinese and needs to be translated into other languages than English, this should also be discussed.

The next thing that needs to be considered is the level of translation skill that will be required for your project. If you are simply translating a set of instructions from Chinese to English for something that you bought on the Internet, than the skill level is going to be relatively low and anyplace that offers free Chinese translation could help you. However if you are needing to have a job or housing contract translated for your impending move overseas for a new job, you will be looking for either a place or someone who has experience and knowledge in that specific area, as small details can be very important. Part and parcel with skill level is the amount of trust you have in the person or program translating your document for you. Translating a letter to send to a friend, pen-pal or someone you met online? Then you need to be clear in what is being said so things don’t get taken out of context and blown up into something they are not.

Although simply looking for free Chinese translation might seem self explanatory, you also need to consider which Chinese you will need. While the language of Chinese may be written all the same, there are wide differences in regional dialect. While Mandarin is considered the official dialect, there are a total of 7 major dialects, the smallest being spoken by over 30 million people, each fairly different from each other with their own mannerisms and pronunciation. Additionally, written Chinese can be very different from the spoken version.

All of these issues; which direction, level of skill and which dialect, need to be considered or decided upon before one goes looking for free Chinese translation. Once an idea of the answers to the questions you will inevitably get on these three issues has been formulated, the next step is going out and actually finding a place where you can get your translation done for free.

Now, the first place many people will turn to for translation help is the Internet. While the internet may be good for many things, language translation isn’t really one of them. Google and many of the other free Chinese translation programs on the internet produce simply horrible translations. While they may be fine for translating something from Chinese into English just to get the general idea, for anything more it is a bad choice. Online forums exist where some people may be willing to help out with the odd bit of translation, but you are really subject to their whims and good feelings.

Another option is to contact any local Chinese people you may know or do business with, perhaps through office contacts or even at your local Chinese restaurant. There is no guarantee that the people working in the Chinese restaurant will even be Chinese, let alone speak the language you need, but it is a good place to start. If they cannot perform the work, perhaps they know someone who can.

If you are lucky enough to have a university that teaches Chinese that would be an excellent place to turn to next. Second would be any Chinese language academies or Chinese schools in the area. While the people there may have the skill level, asking a stranger to do a favor for you can be a hit and miss proposition. Perhaps a cup of coffee or lunch could be arranged as a way of saying thank you. In this case, however, it may be beyond the realm of free Chinese translation.

Free is a wonderful price, and if you are looking for something that needs to be translated into another language, it is a great place to start. Free Chinese translation is available in the world, but if you are looking for a detailed translation of a difficult or official document, or something that is simply lengthy, you may want to search out a professional who may require pay for their services. However, it may be possible to barter services with them in exchange for their help. While technically not paying anything for the work, it may be beyond your definition of free Chinese translation.

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