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Free Power Of Attorney Forms - Free Power Of Attorney Forms Are Available Without An Attorney

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When a loved one is in the hospital, getting them back to a well stage is the number one focus.

On the other side of the coin, there are those patients who sadly don’t have a chance of ever leaving the medical facility, as their terminal conditions doesn’t permit them to do so.

Then there is the situation where the hospital staff is not yet sure what a patient’s prognosis may be, and it’s up to the family or a close friend to decide what should ultimately happen with the patient if life support measures come into the picture.

Unfortunately, there are too many individuals who get into a life and death scenario but have not yet appointed what is called a power of attorney.

What exactly is a power of attorney?

A power of attorney is defined as the authorization for one person to act on behalf of another in some kind of legal matter. The person who is giving permission for the power of attorney act is known as the principal, granter, or donor, and the individual who’s given said authorization to act is called the agent or attorney-in-fact.
The power of attorney can be made either orally (whether a third party witnessed it or not), or it can be made in writing. Both these formats will be equally valid in a court of law.

Yet it’s important to note that the law does require a power of attorney to be in writing for certain legal purposes.

For example, hospitals and banks, and the Internal Revenue Service in the United States, all call for the power of attorney to be in writing before any of these institutions will recognize and acknowledge it. After receiving the original written copy, it will usually be kept on file for that particular company’s records.

Sometimes an electronic power of attorney will be sufficient, but it depends on the country and the entity for which said document is intended regarding whether or not this format is acceptable.

A power of attorney can be assigned to preside over one specific type of act. Or, the power of attorney can be appointed to act for events in general, where a court of law will easily uphold the document and whatever occurrences it covers. At times the power of attorney can be put on a time limit, but only if the agent, or person authorizing the power of attorney act, agrees to and arranges this factor.

A Durable Power Of Attorney is also available for those who wish to assign authorization to make a decision on their behalf for if and when the time comes that they are no longer competent.

Those who are worried about having to pay their hard-earned money for power of attorney documents are in luck, as there are plenty of places online where the forms can be found free of charge.

Free Legal Documents

Featuring a plethora of documents to fit a widespread range of legal issues, the website for Free Legal Documents also has instructions and guidelines on how to fill out the free power of attorney forms, as well as tips for making the right choice when picking one’s power of attorney individual.

There is also more than one kind of free power of attorney form available on this website: customers may choose from the Power Of Attorney For Health Care paper, Durable Power Of Attorney form, Child Care Power Of Attorney document, Limited Power Of Attorney paperwork, the Revoke A Power Of Attorney document, and there are also free power of attorney forms for selling one’s boat, car, real estate, motorcycle, or for managing property.

Forms Guru

Another of the websites offering free power of attorney forms, the Forms Guru website also offers approximately ten thousand other kinds of forms, both on legal topics and other subjects alike.

Forms Guru gives the public access to the free Power Of Attorney form, the Power Of Attorney Special document, and the Power of Attorney Specific form for those who are in need of any of these three pieces of legal paperwork.

Free power of attorney forms are easy to obtain and fill out without the hassle and expense of attorneys!

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