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Frost Free Freezers - Features to consider with frost free freezers

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It is fair to say that refrigeration is one of the most noteworthy inventions in both cooking and sanitation in the last few centuries. Thanks to freezers, it is possible to preserve a number of food items for far longer than they would otherwise remain healthy and edible. However, traditional freezers have their draw backs, and one of the most significant ones is their proclivity toward creating frost internally when they are in use. Frost free freezers were invented to solve this problem, as before frost free freezers were invented, thick frost would usually develop on the insides of most normal freezers, which would tend to reduce the already limited storage capacity of traditional freezers. Additionally, regular freezers would often leak melted, dripping frost whenever you unplugged them due to the temperature increase. Frost free freezers are an effective solution to the aforementioned problems. However, while they have considerable advantages over traditional freezers, they do cost more, and it is worth keeping in mind a few considerations when next you find yourself in the market for a new freezer.

First of all, it is good to have some background understanding about the differences between traditional or regular freezers and frost free freezers. Frost can build up in a regular freezer because there is likely to be water vapor inside the freezer itself; this water vapor tends to form around the freezer coils. It then condenses from a vapor into a liquid, and then freezes due to the cold temperatures inside the freezer. Frost free freezers keep frost from building up by preventing the freezer coils inside from freezing. This is achieved by using freezer coils that are internally heated. Every few hours, depending on the setting of the freezer and the specifications outlined by the freezer manufacturer, the freezer coils are designed to heat themselves by a few degrees. This heating usually occurs for a minute or two every six hours. When it occurs, the ice that has built up in the freezer around the coils melts. Once the ice levels in the freezer have gone down dramatically, the freezer coils turn themselves off, and the freezer continues to keep the items inside it at the temperature you set it to.

If you are looking for frost free freezers, there are several factors you should consider during your search to make sure you find the freezer that meets your needs. First, you should have some kind of idea of how large you would like your new freezer to be. Like traditional freezers, frost free freezers can come in a wide range of sizes, and it will be a good idea to think about how you will use your frost free freezer and where you will place it in your apartment or home. If you need a lot of space to freeze a lot of food, you may be best suited to a larger or taller freezer, particularly if you already have an extra freezer in your den or garage to accommodate the items that will not currently fit in your traditional freezer. However, if you are cramped for space in your house or apartment or are looking for a gift for a college student, you will probably find yourself looking for a smaller or shorter frost free freezer. You should also remember that larger freezers, naturally, will cost more than smaller freezers. However, paradoxically, you will likely pay more per cubic inch of storage space in a small frost free freezer than you will in a larger one because the convenience of a smaller freezer is often used as a reason to mark up prices.

Finally, there are essentially two main configurations for frost free freezers: chest configurations and upright configurations. Chest configured freezers will typically be between two and three feet tall, and will have a lower overall cost than upright freezers. They are also more likely to be energy efficient due to their concentrated size. Upright freezers are likely to be as tall as the traditional combination of freezer and fridge; they are also likely to have higher overall costs of purchase and maintenance, as they will consume more electricity due to a greater number of cooling coils.

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