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Free Student Stuff - How to find free student stuff in college

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College is an exciting and increasingly necessary rite of passage for millions of students in the United States every year. Unfortunately, college has also become increasingly expensive over the last several years, which has made many more students than ever before have to take out loans in order to afford the benefits of a college education. However, it is still possible to experience at least some parts of college without spending a large amount of money. This article will discuss some of the best ways to find free student stuff, such as food, tee shirts, and writing supplies, while enrolled in a four year college or university.

A first good way to find free student stuff in college is to join some sort of club. There are often dozens of clubs available to students on any college or university campus, and it is common for campus clubs to have free shirts, pens, and food offered at any meetings they provide during the fall and spring semesters of the school year. Depending on the club, they might require you to be a member in order to receive free food and other goodies, but even the clubs that require membership for full benefits will typically host events during the year at various times which are open to every student on campus. You can attend such events for the free food and other goodies, and depending on the club or event, it is likely that you may meet some people you find interesting as well as learn something new about yourself or an association.

A second good way to find free student stuff in college is to participate in the fraternity or sorority rush during rush week on campus. Remember that just because you choose to participate in the fraternity or sorority rush does not mean you will be required to join one or any of the fraternities or sororities. However, attending the week long rush does mean you will typically be able to score free food during almost every day of the rush week as you travel from fraternity to fraternity as a guy or sorority to sorority as a girl. This technique is commonly tried by incoming freshmen during their first year in college, and even though many first year college students end up joining fraternities and sororities, you are in no way obligated to join if you do not want to. You can, however, take advantage of the free food and other goodies. It is worth mentioning that sororities may be less likely than fraternities in some cases to provide free food to prospective female sorority members.

A third good way to find free student stuff in college is to go to different events and activities on campus. No matter what time of the year it is, from the first week of classes to the last week of finals, there is always something going on on a college or university campus, such as fundraisers, activities, and other events. At these events and gatherings, you can almost always find free food and merchandise if you’re willing to show up. It is not difficult to find anything from free chocolate to barbeque to ice cream to cheesecake, depending on the time of the year. However, if you are interested in finding free food, it is best to show up early, as the best food items tend to be consumed quickly by the people who show up at the start of the activities.

A final good way to find free student stuff in college is to go to restaurants and fast food joints on free food days. This tip is rather food specific, but since most college students don’t have a hard time saying yes to free food, it is one worth considering. There are a number of restaurants and fast food joints that will give out free food throughout the year if you show up and know where to go. You can look through the newspaper published by your school’s journalism board to find money saving coupons and ads. Ben and Jerry’s, for example, has a free cone day once a year, and Chipotle always seems to have a free burrito offer.

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