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Kitchen Dining Sets - How to Evaluate Kitchen Dining Sets For Small Spaces

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If you are searching for a dining set for a small kitchen, there are numerous factors to consider before making a final choice. Small kitchens usually have a limited amount of storage space. Choosing a dining set that can help you with storage issues would be very helpful. Some styles of kitchen dining sets can actually provide an additional amount of work space for you in a kitchen where counter space is minimal. The amount of floor space is also a point to consider in a small kitchen or tiny dining space. You don’t want to have to squeeze by your table in order to move around in the kitchen. All of these issues, as well as design style, can be a factor when evaluating kitchen dining sets.

If the amount of floor space in your kitchen is limited, a rectangular dining set might be a good choice. A loft style dining set is a set that is very simple in design yet quite attractive and functional. The set can be purchased in white with espresso colored table top with matching saddle seats or in a design that is totally espresso in color. This set could be pushed against a wall to free up floor space. And, the surface of the table could be used as a small work space when you are preparing meals. The seats slide under the table when not in use. As an added bonus, some kitchen dining sets in this design style have a shelf that provides storage space for up to five wine bottles. The cost of this type of dining set is around $250.

Kitchen dining sets with glass tops work well in small kitchens. The glass provides an unobstructed view of the room which makes the space look larger. Bistro style dining sets often have glass tops and are reasonably priced at department stores and furniture stores.

If your kitchen design can accommodate a nook style dining set, that is an option to consider. A set such as this can be nicely tucked into the corner of your kitchen leaving more open floor space in the center of the room. This type of dining set would be a good choice if you need space for four or more people. Some designs have a storage bench included in the set. That extra storage space can be very useful in a small kitchen.

Pub style dining sets with chrome and glass can easily be incorporated into a small kitchen space. A chrome table with two stools can be purchased at department stores for less than $150. This type of dining set would enhance a modern style kitchen decor. If you want to design your small kitchen in a retro style, the nostalgic diner style metal table and chairs would be ideal. The vinyl covered seats can be purchased in colors that were popular in the 1950’s. These kitchen dining sets can be found at online shopping sites for around $300. You might also want to shop at stores that sell vintage furniture for an original dining set.

If your style of decorating requires a wooden kitchen dining set and your space for the set is quite limited, a drop leaf style dining table might be your best option. You can place the table against the wall or in the center of your kitchen and keep the leaf dropped down except for the brief periods of the day when you are eating at the table. Wooden drop leaf dining sets are easy to locate both online and in local department or furniture stores. Sets that accommodate two people are usually less than $200 and can sometimes be found for under $100. Tables that can seat four people are frequently priced around $400.

Finding a dining set for a small kitchen is not difficult once you evaluate your specific needs, your available space, and your budget. There is certainly a set that will satisfy your requirements and make decorating and dining in your small kitchen an enjoyable experience.

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