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Kitchen Spice Racks - Kitchen Spice Racks Spice up your Kitchen

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The aim of kitchen spice racks is to make it easy and fast for the cook to find the spices, herbs and other ingredients he or she needs at the right moment while in the process of cooking. There are many different styles and sizes of kitchen spice racks and they are all installed near the stove. Some spice racks add glamour to the kitchen including vintage, antique and the ultra modern zero gravity type. They not only make your kitchen look good, they keep the spices fresh and secluded. No mixing of flavors and odors to ruin the uniqueness of each spice.

Kitchen spice racks come filled with small jars. These jars usually have an easy to open top that can be opened with one hand. Some are already filled with the most commonly used spices such as bay leaves, cinnamon, nutmeg, cumin, oregano, paprika, garlic power, and parsley and are already labeled. This may not be enough for some cooks who are very particular about the spices they use and may even dry or grind their own. For them, empty jars and blank labels are needed.

Cooking without a kitchen spice rack can be frustrating. Spices may be in a cupboard or drawer and often not in the first place you look. With a spice rack each spice has its place and can be used and put back and always easy to find. The most common spice racks are wall mounted, but there are counter top ones that spin on a Lazy Susan that are very convenient for kitchens that have lots of space.

Some other different types of kitchen spice racks are magnetic spice racks, wooden spice racks, under cabinet hanging spice racks and in drawer spice racks. They come with jars made from glass, ceramic, plastic and different metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. Glass and clear plastic jars have the advantage of showing how much of the spice is still in the jar. Some stainless steel jars have a clear panel on the side that shows the level of the contents.

Kitchen spice racks that are in drawers or mounted on the inside of a cabinet or pantry door have the advantage of being protected from sunlight and not too close to the heat of the stove which can make the spices stale and less potent. In any case, after three to six months spices tend to lose flavor and need to be replaced. This is why spices shouldn’t be bought in bulk. Just buy what will be used in a short period of time. It is a good idea to put the date of purchase on all spice containers. This can be done with a small white sticky label and a marker.

If you would like a kitchen spice rack but think your kitchen is too tiny for that luxury, you can try an under the counter spice rack. It is a little more difficult to install but is well worth the effort. It is attached under the cabinets and does not need wall space or counter space, and yet it is convenient for cooking.

Another popular kitchen spice rack is the zero gravity spice rack. It is sleek stainless steel and looks good in a modern kitchen. These come in different sizes and configurations. They are based on magnets so the containers either look like they are floating or resting on the rack. The tops are self-sealing so no spice escapes when they are upside-down.

Before buying a kitchen spice rack, take a few minutes to consider some options. If it is your first spice rack or if it is a gift for someone, it may be best to get one that comes with the containers already filled with spices. If you already have the little jars you want to use, take one with you when you go to purchase it so that you are sure they will fit.

Next, look at your kitchen décor and decide what kind of spice rack with spice it up. You can get wood, metal or acrylic in many different colors. There are also different designs such as Early American, Mediterranean, cast iron Spanish and many more.

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