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Global Kitchen Knives - Global Kitchen Knives Making a Mark on the Culinary World

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The Yoshida Metal Industry Co, LTD of Japan manufactures the Global kitchen knives that are turning heads in the culinary world. These knives were first designed by Komin Yamada in 1985 and debuted at the Ambiente Frankfurt Fair in 1988. Since their introduction, they have won many prestigious awards, including a Japanese Good Design award in 1990, the “Form“ award in February, 2000 by the Tendence 2001 International Houseware Exhibition, and Best Cutting Performance given by the Testsiegr German Test Organization in 2008. Many professional chefs, including Anthony Bourdain, have used and promoted these knives.

Global knives are made from a metal alloy called Cromova 18, an acronym of its individual metal components. The CR stands for Chrome, the MO for Molybdenum, and the VA for Vanadium. The number 18 is a reference to the 18% chromium in the alloy. The metal is heated over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and then drop forged, or hammered into dies, which improves the strength of the metal and how the grain structure is laid out. The knives are then ice tempered, which cools the metal rapidly to -120 degrees Fahrenheit. This process creates a finer-grained structure that is strong, resists breaking, and creates a sharper edge than other knives.

The sleek, smooth shapes that give the Global knives their distinctive, modern elegance are designed to be easy to use and care for. The Cromova 18 alloy is highly stain and corrosion resistant and produces a super sharp blade that holds its edge for a longer time, minimizing the need for frequent sharpening. The hollow handles are filled with sand to create a perfect balance, making them lightweight, comfortable, and manageable, which minimizes hand fatigue during use. The all-metal handles have tiny raised dots to create a non-slip grip for safety. Because the knives are all one piece, there are no seams to trap food and dirt, making them hygienic and easy to clean.

Global kitchen knives can be acquired through their marketing agents throughout the world. There are two basic lines: the G series is the basic home kitchen set, and the GF series is the more heavy duty professional knife set. Both have supplementary options available, including many specialty knives and various accessories sold separately to round out the collections. These sets offer the home or professional chef a wide range of kitchen tools, including large chef and Santoku knives to smaller utility and paring knives. Storage blocks and carrying cases are available from the company, as well.

Positive customer reviews are encouraging signs for the continued growth of Global kitchen knives in the culinary world. With support from professional and home cooks alike, these stylish and functional knives should continue to increase in popularity with ever-increasing public awareness.

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