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Cheap Car Rental Florida - Cheap Florida Car Rental Research Made Easy

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It’s time to find a Florida car rental—cheap. For the perfect car at the perfect price start on the Internet, which is convenient, timesaving and jam-packed with rental coupons and practical travel advice.
Set up a new email address just for your trip to avoid piling all those car-rental emails into your personal computer’s in-box. Key in your travel itinerary and vehicle preferences at Florida travel sites.
There’s super-low pricing offered on third-party bidding websites. Keep in mind, though, that bidding websites process the overflow inventory of large rental companies offering their stock way below their standard rates. In order to make these bottom-line prices available, opaque sites have a strict pre-paid, no-refund policy, and do not disclose what company you’re renting with until you are paid in full. For young families, or people with schedules that often change unexpectedly, bidding sites may not be their best rental option.
Cheap Florida rental cars are even cheaper when you follow these simple guidelines:
· Start Early & Safely – Start your search as early as possible, and always make sure the site you’re on is secure. A padlock or a golden key on the bottom of the site’s homepage toolbar indicates safety. Once you’re familiar with cheap Florida car rental pricing, start shopping. Make sure to check the service record of every company you’re considering. Re-check pricing often, since it changes daily.
· Know Policy – Read all of your chosen company’s policies, penalties, cancellation charges, special fees, special pricing and refund guidelines. Sign nothing until you’ve read everything—and understand everything completely. This is time-consuming and boring, but it’s imperative. Remember, you’re signing a binding contract. Most successful agencies allow you to cancel a reservation anytime, free of charge, leaving you open to continue prospecting for even better deals.
· Vehicle Choice & Schedule – There are a lot of cheap Florida car rentals to choose from: economy compacts, mid-size models, luxury cars, convertibles, and SUV’s, to name a few. In today’s market, smaller isn’t always cheaper. Rental agencies nearly give away overstocked models they have in abundance to ensure a regular turnover of the bulk of their stock. Ask about upgrades, specials and discount coupons. You’ll get nothing unless you ask. So ask. If you’re schedule’s flexible, you can save more money—even in peak season
· Insurance – When you book a car get a confirmation number, a hard copy of the full policy and a breakdown of all billing charges. Get a full disclosure of your fees and taxes. Usually you don’t need the agency’s insurance coverage, since your homeowner’s policy and your personal car insurance (must include comprehensive and collision) already covers you in case of an accident. The exception to this rule is if you have had any recent accidents or fender-benders with your personal car. If so, it may be wise to take the agency’s insurance, thus avoiding a jump in your car’s insurance rates. Make sure all of the vehicle’s drivers are listed with the agency and also possess proper insurance coverage.
· Extras & Other Concerns – Toddler seats and navigational software are considered extras, and rental companies bill heavily for them. When possible bring your own things from home. Important: before you accept your assigned rental car, make sure it’s free of dents, nicks or damage. Is it clean? Is the gas tank full? If not, tell the manager on duty to note whatever is wrong and get a copy of the form for your own records. If possible take dated, before-and-after photos of the rental. This way you’ll have a record of any of the car’s possible pre-existing imperfections. With dated photos, you’ll have documentation of the actual facts to financially defend yourself against fraud.
Gas Yourself – Most cheap Florida rental car companies offer to refill your gas tank for you. Very nice, since they bill you somewhere around $4 to $5 per gallon. Go to either the Internet and look up gasoline sites that cover the entire country, and take note of the area’s low-priced gas stations near where you’ll be staying.
Now that your homework is done, relax and enjoy the rest of your Florida vacation.

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