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Patio Furniture Aluminum - If Buying New Patio Furniture, Aluminum Is Best

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Patio furniture is the unsung hero of most backyard get-togethers. Sitting there, quietly taking care of friends and family then forgotten as soon as the party is over, patio furniture is always there when needed. It endures the cold of the winter, the heat of the summer and the rains, typically unprotected, and all the while needing to be working 100% whenever the family wants. For these reasons and many more, when buying patio furniture, aluminum is going to be the best choice.

While there are many different kinds of patio furniture available, aluminum will provide the best mix of weight, price, longevity and durability. In the past many people bought cast iron patio furniture because they thought it would last forever. It did, sort of, and that was its biggest problem. It was extremely heavy, almost to the point of being bomb-proof. Which was great except nobody liked moving it. This meant it sat out in the rain and started to rust. In the end, cast iron furniture, although very tough, has been superseded by patio furniture made from aluminum.

Aluminum has two major advantages when it comes to making patio furniture. The first advantage is its weight. Aluminum patio furniture can be far more lightweight than similar iron patio furniture. In many industries, aluminum is known for its light weight and excellent strength and the patio furniture industry is no different.

Aluminum patio furniture is typically made using three different processes or styles. The first is cast aluminum, which can be separated into welded cast aluminum and regular cast aluminum. The process of using cast aluminum will result in furniture that looks similar to more traditional cast-iron furniture while being much lighter and rust free. That does not mean the cast aluminum furniture is light as a feather. It is substantial furniture built to endure and support family and friends for many years. But when compared to similar cast-iron patio furniture, the aluminum will always be much lighter.

So what is different between welded cast aluminum and regular cast aluminum patio furniture? It’s all in the name. As the name suggests, welded cast aluminum furniture is made from cast aluminum pieces that are welded together to form a solid piece of furniture. Some assembly may be necessary, as in the seat of a chair bolted to the legs of the chair, but the goal is to create a solid piece of patio furniture with aluminum benefits. The cast iron aluminum furniture is typically bolted together with stainless steel hardware. This makes for patio furniture that is easier to ship and store and should be somewhat less expensive. While the welded cast iron aluminum patio furniture is extremely solid, the regular cast iron patio furniture is in many ways just as solid, yet allows for some flexibility in storage.

The third common style of patio furniture made from aluminum is the sling style of furniture. This aluminum patio furniture is made using an aluminum frame that has a mesh stretched across it. Some people love this style of patio furniture as it is far more comfortable than just sitting on cold hard aluminum. The sling style of furniture also negates the need for cushions which need to be protected from the rain. The all-weather mesh they are made is easy to clean and dries quickly. Although they need to be cleaned from time to time, the breathable mesh makes them easy to clean.

Although it makes rugged patio furniture, aluminum furniture does need a little bit of care from time to time. Most pieces of furniture in these styles are painted with black paint. The best option, and the most widely available, is powder-coating which is far more durable than other kinds of coating. Typically a good cleaning once or twice a year is all that is necessary to keep them looking good for a long time. If a person wants to, they can cover their furniture when not in use. Custom covers can be purchased or made. This will keep the furniture looking good for longer. If cushions are used they will need to be protected from the elements. Storage options for the cushions should be considered to keep them looking as nice as the rest of the furniture. Covers would negate the need for cushion storage, of course.

Aluminum is a useful alternative to steel in many applications and patio furniture is no different. Rust-free, lighter weight and lower costs all point to the fact that when looking at patio furniture, aluminum furniture should be near the top of the list.

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