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Cottage Bedroom Furniture - Cottage Bedroom Furniture - Comfortable and Charming

what is cottage style?

A cottage is traditionally a small house in the country. It can be a full-time dwelling or a place for city dwellers to get away to.

A cottage is one of the essential concepts of life in Russia. Called a dacha, it’s a home away from home and a lifestyle of work, play and relaxation. Residents reconnect with friends and neighbors in nearby cottages and with the living earth. They grow vegetable gardens, fruit trees and flowers. Working-class people and professionals alike love their cottages and spend all their weekends and vacation time there. People who don’t have one wish they did. Dacha-like cottages are also popular in other places in Europe, Canada and some places in the U.S. where they are usually called cabins. They’re located near lakes where residents can enjoy fishing and swimming.

Traditionally a cottage has older furniture, often from the main home, that still has a few years of use left in it. It is expected to be mismatched, worn, scuffed and loved. It’s like the furniture in an attic or children’s playhouse.

Why Do I Want Cottage Bedroom Furniture?

Decorating with cottage furniture or in cottage style is more popular than ever in today’s stressed-out high-tech world. People like cottage furniture for its unpretentious comfort and security. They crave the nostalgic value of older things.

One of the keys to cottage style is that any piece can be used for anything else. For cottage bedroom furniture, a kitchen table can be a desk, a craft work table, or covered with pretty cloth and transformed into a vanity. An old trunk can serve as a child’s toy box. Kitchen cupboards can be mounted on the walls and used as bookcases or to store clothing or towels. Spice racks can hold decorative knick-knacks or cosmetics. Use your imagination and have fun experimenting.

Today’s “Cottage Chic” Look

As American society becomes more urban centered, filled with electronics and high-stress situations, more people are reaching for the past. We cling to altruistic images of country and small town life and simpler, happier days. We can decorate our homes accordingly, choosing quilts, curtains, tablecloths and other items that evoke a rural atmosphere. Many familiar products from the 1950s are reproduced and sold through places like Vermont Country Store.

Cottage furniture is part of this look backward. But cottage chic isn’t necessarily the same thing as real cottage. Brand new furniture is sold as cottage style. You can paint it white or soft pastel colors and distress it to appear old. There’s nothing wrong with this. It can look lovely. But like “cottages” that are really luxurious summer homes, cottage chic is not the same thing as authentic cottage furniture. It’s a little ironic to spend thousands of dollars for a style that is traditionally associated with free or cheap items. Furniture in matched sets won’t provide the authentic thrown-together look.

Where to Buy Cottage Bedroom Furniture

Besides your own old furniture, cottage bedroom furniture can be whatever you buy at a flea market, swap meet or thrift shop. You can paint it, cover it or just leave it as is. Cottage furniture should be made of natural wood. Avoid medium density fiberboard or particle board composition. Sometimes sold as “solid wood”, this is a cheaply manufactured mixture of compressed wood chips and sawdust with formaldehyde glue. It is covered with a veneer of high quality wood and sold at a huge markup. Because of its higher density it is heavy and difficult to assemble and move. The formaldehyde can cause breathing problems. Keep this in mind if you do decide to buy brand new cottage bedroom furniture.

Look for an outlet that sells reclaimed wood furniture or try an Amish furniture store. If you buy on line, start with a company like www.erikorganic.com or www.oldadirondack.com. If you want cottage bedroom furniture that looks rustic try www.oldhickory.com.

Avoid using pure white in painting cottage bedroom furniture. Even with bright decorations too much white can look clinical and sterile. Substitute a cream or eggshell color. Don’t be afraid to buy dark wood pieces. Put flowery decoupage on them. For a more authentically mismatched look the furniture can be painted different colors. Cottage chic prescribes pastel colors but by all means use whichever colors remind you of country life and simple enjoyment.

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