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Bedroom Vanity Furniture - Choosing Bedroom Vanity Furniture

antique style set legs

Bedroom vanity furniture can add a touch of tradition and style to any bedroom. A vanity set generally consists of a table, a mirror, and a stool or bench. The table, usually a place for a woman to apply make-up and do her hair, often has a flat work area surrounded by small drawers and compartments for make-up, jewelry, and other articles. Whether one prefers ornate antique hardwoods or the sleek, clean lines of modern furniture, there is a vanity set to suit every preference and budget. Since the vanity is seldom the only furniture in the bedroom, it is important to choose a style that complements the other pieces in the room.

Those who seek traditional comfort or old fashioned style can find antique vanities of many styles and prices. From ornate Victorian pieces to rustic Early American furniture, antique bedroom vanity furniture can blend well in any household. Victorian furniture is known for decorative carving and floral upholsteries. Inlaid wood and detailed carvings are not uncommon in Victorian furniture. The mirror may have scalloped edges, or it may have square or round edges. A cherry or mahogany piece may be inlaid with ebony or teak wood to add variety and texture to the wood. The carving along the legs is likely to be floral and intricate.

On the other hand, early American style furniture is fairly rustic and plain. Walnuts, oaks, and pines are common. The wood is often distressed, and even replicas are created to have a worn, used look. There are fewer carvings and inlays on the legs and drawers. The mirror may have square or rounded edges, and the bench legs are likely to be straight. The table itself will probably be plainer than its Victorian counterparts, and may have fewer drawers and compartments.

A country French style vanity may be natural or painted wood. Although this style is less intricately carved, the legs of the stool and the vanity will be gently curved, and there may be subtle carving details at the top of the legs. The mirror, like the legs, will be gently curved. The lines of French furniture are less stark than those found in Early American or modern furniture.

Modern bedroom vanity furniture will have stark, clean lines. The mirror will be straight, as will the legs of the stool and of the vanity itself. The vanity will have a larger work space than its antique counterparts. The set could be constructed out of traditional wood, wrought iron, or other materials.

These types of vanity sets vary in quality, and can fall into many price ranges. Those who prefer antique styles can shop around for authentic pieces, or they may invest in replicas of older pieces. Antique furniture can be found online, in local antique shops, or in auctions. The price will depend upon the age, the quality, and the condition of the set. It is possible to get a good deal on a damaged piece and then repair it. It is important to note that once changes have been made to vintage pieces, they often lose much of their value as “antiques.”

Replicas vary in quality and price. One can invest in a high-quality set and spend as much as he or she would on an actual antique. Again, these pieces can be found online and in local stores. It is even possible to find antique style vanities that must be assembled at home. These will not have the quality as more expensive furniture, but they are adequate. The same is true of modern vanities. These can be found in upscale retail houses or they can be purchased from Walmart and assembled at home. The quality is not comparable, but it is important to consider budget as well as style when purchasing bedroom vanity furniture.

Bedroom vanity furniture comes in many styles and prices. Depending on one’s tastes, preferences, and budget, there is a vanity set to please everyone. The style does not have to be an exact match to the other furniture in the room. Sometimes, the right contrasting piece can stand out and lend an eclectic touch to an otherwise conventional room. A dark early American piece could be a major focal point in a room full of light, Scandinavian furniture, for instance. A bedroom vanity set should be both useful and pleasing to the eye. Do not be afraid to mix and match, but make sure that all of the pieces complement one another. Whether seeking the clean practicality of modern furniture or the ornate comfort of an older set, there is bedroom vanity furniture to suit every need.

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