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Leather Sectional Furniture - Leather Sectional Furniture: Luxury and Quality.

sectional furniture diversity leather sectional furniture legs leather colors home theaters a look back

This article provides information on leather sectional furniture. Discussions of interpretations, design elements, and combinations of pieces inform readers. Keep in mind that quality leather on a frame built with sturdy craftsmanship are two absolutes.

Two Top Quality Leathers – Full Grain and Top Grain

Cow hide supplies most full grain and top grain leather. The top grain and split layers remain unseparated in full grain leather. The result is stronger more durable leather that breathes. Never sanded, buffed or snuffed to remove imperfections, full grain remains supple. Though expensive, full grain never wears out. Time just gives it a lovely patina.

Top grain, a slightly lower grade, is separated from the split layer making it thinner and more pliable. It is sanded and a finish coat is added. Top grain is somewhat plasticized, and differs by being pliable and thinner. Top grain leather resists stains, cleans easily, comes in a range of colors, and lasts a lifetime.

Sectional Furniture Diversity

Sectional furniture is in essense modular. Furniture that is modular configures and re-configures. Configurations can be “L” or “U” shapes. Sectional furniture can be as few as two pieces: chaise and sofa. An added ottoman then extends convenience.

Function and form dictates other pieces. Sectionals with eight or ten pieces are common. Chairs, loveseats, ottomans, chaise, sleeper, recliner, built-in tables and lamps all combine into one design element. The extended functionality offers maximum return. The final word though is comfort. Sectionals are designed for comfort.

Contemporary minimalist design is definitely a trend. Minimal replaces bulky. Many sectionals display squares and rectangles with their straight, elegant lines. Appealing curves and round shapes combined with straight edges show up in others. Round meets linear.

Leather Sectional Furniture Legs

Sectionals may sit on the floor without legs. Some are supported on low ball or button shapes. Legs are part of the design of many groups. Cherry, oak, and chrome elegantly add structure and support. Sturdy kiln-dried hardwood legs last for the life of the sectional. Leg shapes may be straight, tapered, or curved.

Leather Colors

Hundreds of colors are offered including vibrant reds, yellows, and purples. White, brown, beige, and black consistently top the favorites list. Some delicious variations are: eggshell, cream, champagne, caramel, cafe-au-lait, and deep coffee. By color matching their interiors, buyers acquire furniture they can live with for years.

Sectionals: a New Trend for the Living Room

Modern life is in flux; economic changes mean societal changes. Changes dictate what is in and what is out. Sectional leather furniture is a surprising new trend for the living room. Its new sophisticated appeal places it there. An extended L-shape puts all elements into one. Maximum convenience, utility, and comfort are achieved.

White leather furniture with clean, straight lines focuses attention. It is a pure look. But also a stunningly spectacular look. The area becomes unified. Conversation flows easily. The tactile, smooth, supple feel of leather impresses guests by communicating success and good taste.

Small Spaces Need a Small Approach

Manufacturers and designers now respond to the need for furniture that goes into smaller spaces such as condos, apartments, and vacation homes. Furniture pieces are the same designs but a foot or two shorter. Furniture that makes the area look overcrowded or impedes movement is changed out. Fashion and drama remain in the setting.

Home Theaters

Sectional furniture appeared first in family rooms. With the coming of great rooms a higher quality sectional fit its dual purpose. With the addition of home theaters, a need arose for specialized seating. Sectional seating and theater seats provide comfort and convenience.

A Look Back

The market’s current buzz is mid-century retro, the 1950’s. Marked by clean lines that may be severe and stark, this style incorporates leather, plastic, and tubular steel done in primary colors and sophisticated black.

Modern classic retro from the 1920’s and 1930’s by Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus period is iconic design. Lines, curves, and innovation, in black and white and also soft colors, are hallmarks of excellence.

To sum up, quiet satisfaction comes from living with sectional leather furniture. Those who seek sophisticated but sumptuous elegance where family and friends gather for conversation and socializing will bring it home.

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