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Bush Furniture Desk - The Versatile Designs of the Bush Furniture Desk Grouping

wood line products includes

There are some furniture products available to purchase that come as items you assemble yourself. This is true for the line of products available from Bush. This company offers fine wood furniture for use in creating home or business offices or entertainment rooms. The company offers many different designs and styles of products to accommodate a person’s specific workplace needs. Their Signature collection includes the Tuxedo office desk set. This set includes the basic bush furniture desk as well as a large cabinet unit. This unit is available in a rich dark wood and includes several filing drawers and a keyboard drawer.

In the same line you will find the Tacoma, which is a corner desk unit. This product has a simple curved angle design and includes a top shelf surface, a middle table section and bottom shelf. It is constructed with a medium light wood and has a silver metal frame. It is designed to fit into any type of room without requiring a lot of space to do so. The Vantage desk furniture is also made to be placed in a corner, but includes an extra cabinet unit to place on the side. This cabinet has an enclosed shelf space, file drawer and two regular drawers for storage.

The Bush furniture line offers the Office Connect collection of products. These are interchangeable items used to create entire work stations that can accommodate one person or many people. The pieces come in varying sizes of cabinets that include shelves and drawers for storage. You will find small three shelf units as well as large hutch style cabinets. The desks are easy to combine with the various components to create the type of work area you need. All of these items are available in different shades of wood to create a light or dark type of grouping.

The desk furniture bush has in the Office Connect line also come with some built-in components that make connecting various computer elements easy. You will find usb hub connectors as well as wire management hangers conveniently located on these pieces. The surface area is also treated to be wear resistant so it will not become worn or stained from use. Another line offered by this company for use in business settings is their Business Solutions collection. These products are also created to be interconnected to create as large or as small a work area as you want.

In the Business Solutions line their Series A model is constructed with a base gray metal frame with wood components used for creating the doors, drawers and desk surfaces. This design includes pieces to create corner or straight wall work areas. The Saratoga design is made with the rich look of an executive work desk. This is a large desk with decorative wood panels added to enhance the appearance. The desk is made from a rich dark wood and has complimentary bookcase units that can be used with it.

In their professional series of desk furniture products they have a contemporary or modern style in the Northfield design. This is made from a lighter wood and comes with the desk, hutch and small cabinet drawer unit. The doors and drawers made for these pieces have smoothed rounded corners and do not use external hardware. The group has a clean simple line that works well for any contemporary styled work space. The Bush furniture desks also come in a collection called My Space. These are small units designed for small work spaces such as apartments or single bedrooms. They also carry commercial grade products to use in large business settings.

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