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Loft Bed Furniture - How to Build the Best Loft Bed Furniture

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Loft bed furniture is fantastic for making the most out of small spaces. Basically, one can create a whole other bedroom, with a desk and a bed, in space that would otherwise go unused. It also creates enough privacy that two people can use the room without much hassle. Besides a bed, everyone needs a desk, whether for school homework or to finish writing important reports for work. A loft allows space for both of these important items. The bed is located on top of the loft, and the bed is located underneath the loft.

The first step that must be taken, when constructing loft bed furniture, is that one must measure the lumber and cut it to the appropriate lengths. The four 4×4 posts have to be cut to six feet in length. The two 2×8 pieces should be cut to a length of forty-eight inches. The half inch thick piece of plywood should be cut to 39×75 inches. Two pieces of 2×8 need to be cut to forty-eight inches in length. Finally, one sheet of high-grade plywood that is about a half of an inch in thickness should be cut to seventy-five inches in length and twenty-five inches in depth.

The second step is to begin building the loft bed furniture. Attach the 2×8 pieces to the 4×4 posts. Make the holes with the drill in a diagonal pattern. Use lag bolts to attach the side boards. The bed should stand on top of the legs and the 39×75 inch plywood should be laid across the frame. Wood screws must be attached for the safety of the bed. Safety is a very important concern when it comes to loft bed software. This is because the people who use loft bed furniture and furniture that is similar to it in many ways are usually young children or people who are not strong enough to survive the collapse of the loft bed furniture without sustaining serious injury. However by properly installing the right number of wood screws in the proper places, loft bed furniture can be as safe or safter than any other piece of furniture in the house.

The third and final step in the process of building loft bed furniture is to build the desk underneath the loft part of the furniture. Attach the 2×8 support to the 4×4 legs at about twenty-eight inches up the legs. Use the diagonal pattern to drill into the 4×4 and 2×8 posts and use the lag bolts, the washers, and the nuts to connect the legs with the supports. After that, simply lay the high-grade sheet of plywood on top of the support posts underneath the bed. Finally, use the wood screws to ensure that the desk is safe and stable. Once these wood screws have been properly screwed into the new piece of furniture, the loft bed is done and ready to be used and enjoyed. Put a mattress on top. Hook up a computer on the desk. Maybe hook up some lamps to provide sufficient lighting. Wheel an office chair up to the desk. The person who will be using the new loft bed furniture can start taking advantage of it as soon as the construction is complete. If any creaks or shifts occur, one can easily fix these problems by screwing in some extra wood screws. It is actually recommended that people take a few minutes to climb into the loft and shift their weight around to see whether the loft bed furniture has been constructed to be sturdy enough to hold the weight that will be resting on it. By making the proper adjustments, one ensures the bed will be safe for both the person sleeping and the person working at the desk.

By following these steps, anyone can easily construct a piece of loft bed furniture that offers a safe and easy way to expand the space and capabilities of any room. Anyone who has a large family should consider building loft bed furniture. The actual construction process is a fanntastic process that can be used by fathers to teach their sons how to use tools to construct and build useful things around the house. Loft bed furniture is also very helpful for college students who have limited space to use. Really, anyone looking to expand their space or their privacy with relation to roommates should take the creation of loft bed furniture into serious consideration.

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