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Land For Sale Colorado - Affordable Land For Sale In Colorado

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If you are a country person, or you simply love and appreciate the great outdoors, there is no better place to own land than Colorado. If you have never been to Colorado, when you’re there, it feels as though you have entered another country. Everything is much larger than what you are used to. And the scenery is spectacular. If you enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, or water sports on secluded and pristine lakes, then it is absolutely essential that you experience Colorado as soon as possible. And ‘as soon as possible’ is meant literally. Due to the recent slide in real estate, land for sale in Colorado is at bargain-basement prices. At the risk of sounding cliché, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the case whether you want to enjoy the land for yourself or invest in property. Land for sale in Colorado is down over 50% from its previous highs in some spots. If the economy turns around, you could make a hefty profit in a short period of time. Even if you don’t believe the economy will turn around right away, purchasing land in Colorado now can make your children or grandchildren rich one day. There is nothing like owning land. And it feels even better when that land is in Colorado. If you would like to know more about some of the most affordable land for sale in Colorado at this time, see below.

We will start with the one of the cheapest lots for sale in Colorado. It’s at the Hartsel Ranch. The property is Unit 48, Lot 2442. This land is located in Park County and is 50 miles from Breckenridge. It’s also only 4 miles from Pike National Forest. This lot is 6.65 acres. Thanks to three reservoirs in the area, it’s perfect for someone who likes to fish. This property was appraised at $12,605. The seller is motivated, so at $6,000, it’s an excellent opportunity. If you are interested in this cheap Colorado land for sale, call 877-399-9595.

Let’s move up a little bit as far as acreage goes. Parcel B at the Circle D Ranch is a 40-acre property. It’s in Alamosa County and only 13 miles from the city of Alamosa. This property also sits at the base of Mt. Blanca (14,300 feet). The average elevation of the property is 7,500 feet. With three mountain ranges surrounding the land, this property is set in the beautiful San Luis Valley. The climate here is dry, with only 6 to 8 inches of rain and an average of 30 inches of snow per year. You will have an average of 330 days of sunshine. Since only one lot is being sold, the seller has set a lower price for this property, which is $29,900. If you are interested in what is one of the most beautiful parcels of land for sale in Colorado, call 845-709-9454.

If you love great views and/or own horses, one of the best properties for sale in Colorado is at the Legacy Ranch. At the present time, you can buy 35 acres for $36,900. This property offers views of meadows, canyons, and bluffs. San Isabel National Forest and a gorgeous 27-hole golf course are also only a short drive away. An additional reason this land is so valuable is because it’s set in Pueblo County in Southern Colorado and has year-round access. It’s also only 2 hours from Denver and 1 hour from Colorado Springs. This property is currently being sold at a discount because you can buy directly from the seller. This, of course, will save you thousands of dollars. For more information, call 877-399-9595.

When it comes to land for sale in Colorado, it will be difficult to find a better location than 1 Siloam Road, which is also located in Pueblo County. This property has 35.12 acres and is the first property as you enter the ranch. This means you will have easy access in and out of the ranch, which makes life a lot easier if you have horses. This property is fenced-in and the pastures are perfectly leveled, which means building will be easy and affordable. As far as views go, you will be able to see Pikes Peak and the Wet Mountains. There are many other bluff sites as well. This property is listed at $70,000. For more information, call 719-564-8329.

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