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Royal Bank Online Banking - Royal Bank is Online Banking with Confidence

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Banking online is a convenient way to complete transactions without leaving home. Use Royal Bank for online banking that is convenient and meets the banking needs of personal and business customers. Royal Bank’s online banking options are: application and payment for credit cards and loans, managing investments and personal accounts, purchasing insurance, paying bills, and transferring funds.

Highlighted Features

Twenty-four hour access and real time banking online gives customers current balances. Accessibility is just an internet connection away–which means banking online can be completed at home, on vacation, or at work. A customer receives an activation code, in the mail, that allows secure access to all of the online features Royal Bank offers. Customers who sign up for eBills pay and receive their bills (most major utility, cable, and credit card companies) online. With “My View” a customer can view statements from some other financial institutions. Customers can speak with a live representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-800-ROYAL-55; (1-800-769-2555) or call 506-864-1555 outside North America.

Banking Online with Confidence

The realities of identity theft and fraud create customer concerns about banking online. Royal Bank is online banking with added security measures to give a customer peace of mind using “RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Online Banking Security Guarantee” and “Sign-in Protection”. These two features put security first while simultaneously offering the conveniences of banking online.

RBC’s Security Guarantee

The guarantee protects a customer from unauthorized transactions and will reimburse 100% of incurred losses resulting from these transactions. Part of the customer’s responsibilities for reimbursement are: sign out and close the browser after each online banking session; protect password and personal verification (including answers) information; and call 800-769-2555 immediately if there is knowledge or suspicion of fraudulent activity, or breach of security on an account. Details are fully outlined in the Electronic Access Agreement.

Protection

Unauthorized access could result in fraudulent activity on a customer’s account. However, Royal Bank with online banking security offers the option of sign-in protection. Customers who choose to accept the secure cookie will be asked a security question when signing in on an unknown computer. If a customer chooses not to accept the secure cookie, a security question is always asked no matter what computer is used.

Online Payment Feature Options

The Online Payment Choices page explains in detail when to use, who might use, and what information is needed for each online payment option. Payment choices range from simple (transferring funds between accounts) to complex (sending money internationally to someone in another country). To pay an online merchant, the “Interac Money Transfer” would be appropriate and not the “Interac Email Money Transfer” payment option. The email money transfer is set up to pay a babysitter, pay staff, or send birthday money.

Online Education Centre

In addition to online tools, Royal Bank Online Banking has an education centre where customers learn about banking online with Royal Bank. Tutorials called “Online Banking Tours” use Flash Player or formatted in HTML. If a customer does not have Flash Player, it can be downloaded from this page. Also, sign up for eStatements from this page to conveniently receive bank statements by email. The online banking tours offer more than overviews and are comprehensive learning tutorials that include visual details. Online banking tours include information about: business, personal, and Royal Bank’s Direct Investing. Customers can become a DS (Dominion Securities) client through Direct Investing, Inc.

Technical User Tips for Banking Online

Banking online requires a basic understanding of technology. For example, knowing what browsers are supported by RBC will ensure system compatibility. The Technical User Tips page has a wealth of information and tools to assist customers with: clearing the cache, disabling auto complete and memorized password functions, enabling per session cookies, first time sign-in, information security, and tutorials. The technical user tips is an excellent starting point for banking online with Royal Bank and provides a handy reference guide for future use.

Customers no longer have to wait for the bank to open or rush in before it closes to complete banking transactions. From the safety and privacy of a secure computer, customers have the freedom to choose when and where to bank.

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