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Web Hosting Multiple Domain - The Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiple Domain Hosting

customer service disk space software disadvantages/performance

When you have more than one Website, you have the power to expand your business into multiple related roles. This gives you a better chance of drawing in loyal customers. In addition, you will essentially be creating a link farm. A link farm is basically a network of Websites that will link to each other. All of your Websites could possibly link to your main Website. The more of your links that are posted on the web, the higher your search engine ranking will be. This will make getting your name known easier. Of course, in order to do this, you will need the right server disk space and the right functionality. Without either of these things, you will not be able to run everything properly and easily at one place. Since multiple domain hosting plans are extremely popular you will have no problem trying to find a cost effective plan that works perfectly for you. When you are considering the advantages and disadvantages of multiple domain hosting you should keep customer service, disk space, software, and performance in mind.

Customer Service

When you think about support, you usually think of the customer service that is offered by your hosting provider. However, you should think about your own ability to offer the right support for your customers. Multiple domain hosting should give you access to administrative functions that helps you provide support to your customers. This includes unlimited e-mail addresses and a team of support agents that will help you answer your customer’s questions.

Disk Space

A normal hosting plan will not allow you to host more than one domain at a time. This is due to the limited amount of space that the host will have. If you have a lot of storage space, you will be able to update your site easily. You will also be able to expand your online presence in a simple manner. Multiple domain hosting plans have the right options to help you create the perfect Website.


The software that is included in your multiple domain hosting plan is extremely important. The control panel is probably the most important aspect of your plan. Multiple domain hosting control panels are probably the things that make the creation of Websites so simple. You need to make sure that you do the proper research before you choose a multiple domain hosting plan. You should make sure that the control panel has all the features that you need. Do not understand the software of your plan because it could make a major difference between managing a business efficiently and running a business to the ground.


The worst disadvantage about having a multiple domain hosting plan is the performance of your Website. For example, if you are hosting five or even six domains at one place, you could have a performance problem. This is especially the case if all of your Websites are popular and drive a lot of traffic. Too much traffic could make your Website extremely sluggish. This could take away the glamour of the work that you have done. A lot of people get agitated easily when a Website takes too long to load.

You would also have to worry about exceeding your monthly bandwidth. This is because the traffic that your Websites generate will feed off the same account. The available bandwidth will be for all of your domains. If you run out of bandwidth, any visitors that you may have will have only a very limited access to any of your Websites. You may even have to purchase more bandwidth in order to keep this from happening. The extra bandwidth comes at an extra cost. Depending on how much traffic you receive, this may outweigh the money that you would save by using a multiple domain hosting plan. Before you pay for such a plan, you should make sure that you are willing to take these risks. Of course, if you were to take advantage of VPS or dedicated hosting, you could host more than one domain without having too many performance issues. You will also have guaranteed resources that can help you create your online business.

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