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Web Hosting Coldfusion - Understanding new features of web hosting with Coldfusion

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Coldfusion is a popular web hosting platform increasingly used by large corporations, small businesses, and individual entrepreneurs all over the internet. Web hosting Coldfusion is a product suite licensed by Adobe software that contains both application server software and development software. With web hosting Coldfusion, software developers and programmers can quickly build, deploy, and maintain a wide variety of dynamic and robust internet applications for a particular company, business, or enterprise. There are numerous web hosting Coldfusion tools available, including the flagship development tools, Coldfusion 9 and Coldfusion builder. COldfusion 9 is designed to enable software developers and programmers to achieve the goals of business systems while using fewer lines of code in the applications themselves. Meanwhile, Colfusion builder is an integrated development environment, or an IDE, based on Eclipse, that can be used to manage application development through Coldfusion with a high degree of efficiency throughout the process of conceptualizing an application, developing it, and deploying it to customers and service personnel. Together, the suite of software under the Coldfusion trade name can be used to create a number of different internet applications with ease and efficiency. This article will describe some of the newest features involved in different Coldfusion applications to enable you to decide if web hosting Coldfusion programs are right for your small business or large enterprise.

Web hosting Coldfusion 9 includes a number of new features that make it a valuable upgrade to the previous version, Coldfusion 8. One of the top new features of Coldfusion 9 is office file interoperability. Through this novel feature, it has become easier than ever to generate a variety of office documents that can be used to create official business reports, make decisions during times of crisis, and offer presentations regarding the state of various projects under development. For example, the new CF SPREADSHEET tag can be used to manipulate spreadsheets, allowing you to read files, create them, and even update them with the click of a button. Similarly, with office file interoperability, you can generate a number of different PDF files automatically through native files in Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint. You can even use office file interoperability to produce presentations for your enterprise based in SWF or HTML languages by starting from Powerpoint presentations located on the server.

Another top new feature of web hosting Coldfusion 9 is object relational mapping. Object relational mapping is a programming technique used in computer software that allows you to convert data back and forth between tape systems that would be incompatible in programming languages that are object oriented. What you effectively create through object relational mapping is a virtual object database that you can use while remaining inside the desired programming language. Through the software package, you can build applications that are independent of the databases they were conceived in; this procedure is made possible by the Hibernate library, which is open source. Object relational mapping through web hosting Coldfusion enables you to save not only time but money when you have the capability to manage logic and connectivity within the database without resorting to writing SQL. You can use the application wizard for object relational mapping in Coldfusion builder to make components for Coldfusion connectivity and logic, all without having to write any novel programming codes.

A final top new feature of web hosting Coldfusion 9 is its high level of integration with Microsoft Office Sharepoint. With this level of integration, it is now possible to obtain data collected from web services related to Microsoft Office Sharepoint and port it to applications inside Coldfusion via the CF SHAREPOINT tag that is built into Coldfusion 9. You can also take advantage of the single sign on capability in Sharepoint, which allows you to sign on to a variety of applications and packages without repeatedly having to log in to verify your authority, to use an application in Coldfusion as a part of a site located inside Sharepoint; this can now be done without having to enter your credentials whenever you attempt to integrate both systems. This and other advantages of web hosting Coldfusion suggest it may be the best choice to manage and develop your small business software internet applications.

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