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Buy Domain Cheap - How Can I Buy a Domain for Cheap?

dot name level domains

You may want to start a new website. Part of any successful website is a good domain. You may want to get a decent domain name for your site, but you may also be a frugal person who doesn’t want to overpay for it. Here is what you should know about domains as well as some good tips to use to buy a domain for cheap.

Without domain names, addresses on the internet would be composed of numbers. Due to the sheer number of websites that were obviously going to eventually become part of the internet, the idea of web addresses that could be reached via words was developed.

The idea of a domain name provides two main benefits over simply using numerical internet addresses. First of all, different words are typically much easier for people to remember than long lists of numbers. This is in fact one of the greatest aspects of domains over all. They benefit websites by allowing them to more easily receive recognition. They also make the internet much more accessible to the average person.

The second main benefit is the fact that a domain name is not tied down to a single numerical IP address. A domain name can in fact be moved. If a website does need to move its services to a new hosting company, the transition can then be made rather seamlessly. Once the move is finished, the users of the site can simply enter the same domain name into a browser’s navigation bar. The same website will load as if nothing changed. This is much preferable to a situation in which the numerical address for loading the site would be changed and many of the site’s users would be lost.

The first independent business to implement such a domain name was Symbolics Inc. in 1985. The company also owned the first dot com domain, Symbolics.com. Soon many other businesses followed suit. By 1992, the amount of dot com domain names numbered close to 15,000. This number continued to mushroom at an extraordinary rate. Today, the number of registered domain names is nearly 200 million.

Domain names come in a number of different variations. The first thing you should know is that a domain name is actually split in to two separate parts. There is the top level domain and the second level domain. You can think of the top level domain as the part of the domain name that usually comes after a word and a dot. For example a domain name may include a dot com, a dot net, dot org, or a dot info.

Top level domains are also usually separated into categories by who they are available to. Dot coms and dot nets, for example, are considered to be more generic commercial domains. Other domains, however, may be only available to websites in a certain country. A dot jp domain, for example, is only available to websites in Japan. Other top level domains may only be available to federal governments. This is the case with a website with a dot gov address.

The other part of the domain name is usually referred to as the second level domain. This is the word before the top level domain. There are far less restrictions on second level domain names. Usually, they can be any combination of letters and numbers a person can come up with. The only restriction on second level domains is that they can not already be in use.

So this leaves the question of how a person can buy a domain for cheap. The answer usually boils down to what kind of top level domain a person wants to use for their website.

Domain registrars must pay fees to an organization known as ICANN for every domain name sold. The most expensive of these fees are for dot com websites and are a bit over seven dollars. Don’t expect to pay less than that for a dot com domain name. Other top level domains, such as a dot info domain name, may be much cheaper due to cheaper fees charged by ICANN.

A second way to buy a domain for cheap is to purchase one bundled with another service. Due to the relative low cost of ICANN fees, free domain names are often bundled with services such as hosting.

Over all, though, make sure you choose the domain name best for your website. Domains with new second level domain names are relatively cheap over all. Cutting corners to buy a domain for cheap is likely to only save you a few dollars in the short term. It may be worth it to pay the extra money for a dot com domain name.

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