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Reseller Domain Hosting - What Is Reseller Domain Hosting

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Many people have probably heard the term reseller domain hosting, but very few of them knows what it really means. Though there are a few who understand the concept, the common web user probably has no idea. Basically it means a person can create their own hosting company with the help of the hosting company they use for their own sites. They “resell” their domain host for a monthly fee. And in doing so, they have a chance at making a little extra money in return. It all depends on the hosting resell package and fees incurred.

With a reseller hosting package, a person can either host sites for others and get paid or they can simply host all their own sites. This is a great idea for those who have multiple sites and don’t want to pay extra fees for basic hosting packages. It’s also a way to help host the sites of friends and family members who may not know all the ins and outs of creating a website.

Most reseller domain hosting packages give each domain their own cPanel and back-end support. A small upgrade to a private label account means that all domains hosted through that will carry the resellers chosen label. An example would be NS1/NS2.yournamehere.com. This is where all domains would point and the site owners would never know the name of the actual hosting company.

The person behind the domain reseller account would also have their own cPanel, as well as a WHM (WebHosting Manager). This gives the account holder access to all sub-accounts, which are the actual domains. This is also where the reseller will have the ability to allot bandwidth and disc space to each sub-account. If one of the domain owners loses their password, the account holder would be able to access such information through this panel.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there are different levels of reseller domain hosting packages. The different monthly fees cover the amount of disc space and bandwidth needed to maintain the different sized networks. However most packages usually offer unlimited domains, email accounts, and mySQL databases. Some companies are also offering free web templates to pass along to domain owners.

Choosing the right reseller domain hosting company may simply come down to the price of the monthly fees. Though options may vary from one company to the next, most are relatively the same. It’s a great solution for anyone needing more hosting space while looking for a way to make a little extra cash.

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