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Websphere Application Developer - How to Install WebSphere Application Developer for Linux

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IBM WebSphere is a software brand. The highest-profile product is IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS). It is common to use the term WebSphere to refer either to WAS or the entire line, of which WAS is the core. The purpose of every application in the WebSphere family is to play a role in the setup, operation, and integration of multi-platform electronic business solutions using Java-based Web technologies.

What is WebSphere Studio Application Developer?

IBM WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD), also known as the IBM WebSphere Development Studio, is a commercial Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment). IBM created WSAD based on Eclipse for use with WAS. Most electronic business solutions require code specific to that environment, and WSAD facilitates creation of that code. Recently, IBM has renamed WSAD as IBM Rational Application Developer (RAD).

About Installing WebSphere Application Developer

Installing WebSphere Application Developer for Linux is rather straightforward, but it does possess some pitfalls that are particularly challenging to those with limited experience with Linux or UNIX-based operating system. Linux newbies will get the most out of this article, and we mean this piece to supplement not replace the installation instructions in the WSAD Software Evaluation Kit (SEK) Linux Platform, which is free.


This guide assumes that you are using either Red Hat 7.2/8.0 or SUSE 7.2/8.1 Linux distributions. While WebSphere Application Developer should install just fine on any Linux distribution, there may be issues not accounted for here. Secondly, a full installation of WSAD requires at least 2.5 GB not including user-developed projects. Ensure that you have the necessary space prior to beginning the process.

Installing WebSphere Application Developer for Linux

1. Log in as root, and open a terminal window. Alternatively, you can use the ‘su’ command to switch to the root user. However, since you need a graphical environment for the install, ensure you have the display setup properly.

2. Mount the SEK DVD, and then change the current directory to the DVD root. Next, change to the DVD directory labeled wsad512/disk1.

3. Now, start the WebSphere Application Developer installation by entering the ./launchpad.bin. The leading characters are required assuming that you do not allow root to initiate programs automatically from the current directory.

4. There will be a delay, and then you will see a witness screen. Click ‘Next’. Review and accept the license, and then click ‘Next’ again.

5. The next screen offers the opportunity to change the installation directory. However, for new users, we recommend using the default installation path. Once you have chosen, click ‘Next’.

6. In the next section, the installation asks you to decide which features and test environments to install. For you first installation, choose them all. On all subsequent installations, you will have a better idea of what you do and do not use.

7. The next page informs you of chosen features and test environments along with the required space and the available space. If you chose everything as suggested, required space will be 2.5 GB. When you’re ready to install, click ‘Next’.

8. The length of the installation will vary widely depending on the specifications of the computer. The installation offers you a reasonably accurate progress bar. When the process is complete, it presents a completion screen.

9. Click ‘Finish’. You have now successfully installed WebSphere Application Developer. If you chose not to install everything and decide later that you need something, rerun launchpad.bin. The process will allow you to install just those missing components.

Starting WebSphere Application Developer

Now that you WSAD installed, it’s time to start it up. So log off as root, and log back on as a non-root user. Then, follow these steps.

1. Open a terminal window, and enter the following command: /opt/IBM/WebSphereStudio/ApplicationDeveloper/v5.1.2/wsappdev51

*Note: If you changed the default installation path, you will have to update the command accordingly.

2. If this is a trial version, it will alert you to the number of days remaining. Click ‘OK’. You will update the license from inside the WebSphere Application Developer.

3. Next, choose you work directory, and choose your preference of either GTK or Motif window system. When done, click ‘OK’.

4. There will be a delay as the WebSphere Application Developer configures and loads your workspace. An empty workspace will appear with a welcome panel.

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