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Exchange Web Access - The Benefits of Exchange Web Access

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Trying to choose a good email system for a large corporation can be a difficult choice these days. There are many different email options. One of the biggest parts of finding an email solution is choosing whether to go with a completely cloud based solution, like Google Apps, or with a traditional email setup in which each employee has an email client on their own computer and can download email from the server to their computer. The most popular type of this setup is to use a Microsoft Exchange Server with Microsoft Outlook on the desktop side. However, this limits employees to checking their email when they are near their work computer, and this can be disadvantageous. Many corporations are moving more and more to cloud computing, and so they want to host everything in the cloud. Trying to do this when they already have a lot invested in Microsoft Exchange can be difficult.

Exchange web Access can solve this. The Outlook Web App (OWA), a part of Microsoft Exchange, is a browser based email program. It offers an interface similar to Microsoft Outlook, but can be accessed from anywhere through the internet, and because it is a web app, it does not need installation. This provides a lot of advantages for any business and makes a great choice for an email solution.

Outlook Web Access is available as a part of Microsoft Exchange, and many businesses already have Exchange servers setup. Implementing OWA is not so much an issue of setting up a new server configuration, but simply trying to switch employee’s method of accessing their email. This makes it much easier for a business to adopt this then it would be to switch to a completely different email system, like Google Apps.

Outlook and Exchange web access is a great feature which can really help your business get email to your employees regardless of where they are or what applications they have installed. [It’s worth mentioning that this article is mainly target at large corporations because Exchange is a corporate level product which is very expensive and requires complex custom server setup, not something individuals can normally do.] Web access is a really great form of email, and cloud computing is the wave of the future, so getting your business on this new and trendy model is a great way to make sure you stay up to date in a high tech world. If you have Microsoft Exchange, then contact your IT department today to see what they can do to get you setup with Exchange web access.

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