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Targeted Traffic Web - Finding And Getting Targeted Traffic For Web Site Owners

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Getting targeted traffic, web site owners generally agree, is vitally important for success. To do this, you need to find qualified, or targeted, prospects, and get them to visit your site. While it really is this simple, it is something many site owners consider easier said than done. This article will explain where you can find these prospects and how you can most easily get them to visit your site.

First, it is important to understand what makes a prospect targeted. Traffic, or web visitors, who have already expressed an interest in the subject matter on your site would be considered targeted. This interest is often expressed by typing a relevant search term into a search engine, though that is not the only way. Information added to an online profile, subscription to a related e-zine or newsletter, membership at a forum or other membership site, or even visiting a site with similar or related content are among the many ways potential visitors can express an interest in your topic.

With your prospects identified, the next step is to get in front of them and entice them to visit your site. There are so many different ways to do this that an exhaustive discussion would be impossible in this limited space, but you can generally divide them into two categories, paid and non-paid.

An example of a paid method would be bidding on keywords through a paid search service, such as Google’s AdWords program, to get an advertisement in front of people searching for terms related to the site. If your web site is about writing and delivering speeches for weddings, one keywords you might target would be “best man speech.” Someone typing that term into a search engine is probably looking for information provided at the site.

Another example would be going to a membership site, such as Facebook, and purchasing ads to be shown to members who have indicated in their profile that they are interested in the subject. This might be done through demographic information, such as age, gender or marital status. A web site with information for a bride-to-be might target single or engaged females over the age of 18.

Buying advertising space on sites with related information and purchasing an ad in a related newsletter are two other examples of ways to buy targeted traffic. Web site owners who really understand their prospects will find these methods to be fast and very effective. Be aware, however, that it is easy for these methods to become costly without showing any profit if you are not careful.

There are also methods for getting targeted traffic that do not require cash payment. Some people call these free methods, but since there is a cost in time and effort, the term non-paid is more accurate. Non-paid methods, though similar to the paid ones, generally require you to use a different approach.

An example of this would be organic, or non-paid, search traffic. Getting this requires a keyword-centered approach, similar to paid search traffic. However, while you pay for specific keywords you want to target with paid search, you can only tell the search engines indirectly for non-paid search. This generally requires both on-page and off-page search engine optimization, or SEO, which is far to big a topic to cover in this article.

Following the paid examples above, getting traffic from membership sites also requires a different technique. If you are not purchasing ads, you will need to get involved in the membership community and subtly convince them to visit your site. While this can be tricky, it is generally worth the effort because the traffic generated is actively discussing or interested in your topic, making the traffic extremely targeted.

As you can see, there are almost countless ways to get targeted traffic. Web site owners will generally find it is best to master one or two different methods of getting this traffic before trying to move on to other methods. Mixing paid and non-paid methods can also be very effective. Of course, each of these methods can bring you a flood of qualified visitors, so the most important thing you can do now is get started and find your prospects.

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