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Web Site Reseller - How and Why to Be a Web Site Reseller

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Flipping websites has become a lucrative Internet business over the last two years. Just as there was a housing bubble while house flipping was hot, a web site reseller bubble was also created. The market has adjusted into a more realistic position. Far more resources exists now and it’s easier to find a web site reseller marketplace.

Many ways exist to garner websites for resale. Some resellers purchase sites that exist, improve the sites’ search engine optimization, update their code and graphics, then resell the sites at a markup when traffic and income have increased. The benefit to the web site reseller of this method is that the site’s domain has often been registered for awhile. Search engines seem to like older domains over new ones. They tend to grant the site more relevancy. The web site reseller will need to be aware of the keywords in the domain name, however, and how they are likely to rank for those keywords on search engines.

A web site reseller may also build sites from scratch. To do this, they must determine the keywords they wish to target with the site. There are many online tools, such as Google Keywords, to find the right keywords to target in the domain name and meta tags. A domain may then be registered with those keywords in it. For example, if the targeted keyword phrase is “dog houses,” the reseller may want to register doghousesunlimited.com.

The direction of the site must then be determined. Will it be a blog, a directory, a CMS driven site, or something else? So many excellent set-up blog and CMS scripts exist that a web site reseller these days usually opts for one of those, but the reseller is only limited by the whims of the current market.

Once that decision is made and the site is built, the web site reseller must then fine-tune the site for search engine optimization. In the case of many scripts, Wordpress being a good example, plug-ins exist to do much of the work for the reseller. Still, it’s a good idea to stay current on emerging search engine trends to take advantage of them without resorting to plug-ins alone.

Content is still king. Regularly updated content is always crucial to convincing a search engine that a site has legitimate content and isn’t simply a splog or other spam site. Updating a blog once per day is thought to be the optimal schedule for SE relevancy. If that isn’t possible for the web site reseller, there are writers who will write blog posts for affordable sums. There are also plug-ins that can update content regularly, although this is seen as a less potent tactic where search engines are concerned.

Sites with more traffic tend to fetch higher amounts of money. Even if a site is making $10 a day on Adsense revenue, simply by being designed for maximum conversion potency, if it doesn’t have a good deal of traffic going to it, a potential buyer will often think that’s a negative. High traffic sites can always be primed for better conversions, but if the site isn’t getting traffic, it means the buyer has extra work ahead of him.

The way to build traffic is to establish the site’s relevancy to search engines. Slowly building solid links to the site will do that. A slow build-up of a few links per day shows a gradual improvement of relevancy to search engine, as if the site is being linked due to good content. Web site buyers are much savvier these days when it comes to temporary links versus site relevancy that will stick. True link relevancy will always improve the lot of a web site reseller at selling time.

Although the current economy has hit the web site reseller market as much as it has the rest of Internet business, it’s still possible to earn a solid living as a web site reseller.

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