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Bellsouth Web Mail - Benefits of BellSouth Web Mail

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There are currently many supposedly “free” email services available, but none of them offer all of the benefits available through BellSouth Web Mail. Not only is it completely free, BellSouth Web Mail is available anywhere that you have access to their internet and a web browser, which means you can check your email or send messages from virtually anywhere that you have an internet connection. In fact, you do not need to own a computer to have a Web Mail account — you just need access to a computer, through an internet café or a library.

A free Web Mail account from Bell South gives you a permanent email address. You may change your internet service provider (ISP), but your email address remains the same. This means no more sending out mass emails to all of the recipients in your address book to inform them of an email address change, which is a frustrating and annoying process that inevitably misses some people. You will not need to fret about losing touch with clients, family, and friends, because your email address — the only one you need — is independent of your ISP. You can even move across the country and still have the same address.

There are many convenient features for BellSouth Web Mail. All accounts come with a personal address book, where you can maintain the addresses of all of your email contacts. This means no more struggling to find business cards, stressing over trying to decipher hand-written addresses, or maintaining multiple address books. Information for all of your contacts is gathered in one place.

Web Mail also offers a free, personalized vacation reply service. You simply need to enter in the dates and write a standard message that you would like sent when an email is received, to let the sender know that you are not currently available and will respond to their message when you return.

The Bell South Web Mail program also lets you send web pages and gifs as attachments to your email messages. The images and pages will be automatically displayed for the recipient, which eliminates potentially long download times.

Additionally, the program has been designed to let you access mail from other accounts, through a remote access feature. This means you can check all of your email accounts — business and personal — at one time, using your BellSouth Web Mail service. No longer will you need to log into multiple accounts, one at a time, to check for messages; instead, you can easily arrange for Web Mail to check all of your accounts, simultaneously.

Another feature of the service is the ability to arrange for multiple email addresses. In other words, everyone in your family can have his or her own email address and account. There will be no need to share your account with your spouse or children any longer — they will be able to have their own, personal Web Mail account for their private use.

Easy to Use
The Web Mail program from BellSouth is very easy to set-up and use. Because it is web-based, you do not need to download or install any cumbersome specialized email programs. Simply go to the website, follow the simple sign-up process, and you create your free email account.

What is Meant By “Free”
BellSouth Web Mail is able to be offered as a free, no-strings attached email service through unobtrusive ad banners that appear at the bottom of each Web Mail page. These banner ads are what allow for BellSouth to offer unlimited free accounts to users. You are not obligated to click on or even read the banner advertisements.

With its convenient, easy-to-access website, BellSouth Web Mail is an excellent choice for the internet user who wants to have a permanent email address that is accessible from anywhere, using an internet browser. The many features of the program, including multiple email address, being able to check additional email accounts, ease of use, and automatic vacation reply service, are all strengths. And because it is free, you will not need to be spending your hard-earned money on your email access.

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