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Cardinal Office Supplies - As an industry leader for more than 50 years, cardinal office supplies is one of the most reputable firms in the Midsouth – Midwest area

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As an industry leader for more than 50 years, cardinal office supplies is one of the most reputable firms in the Midsouth – Midwest area. There are over 25,000 products to choose from in their inventory, including technology, janitorial and even furnishings for the office. The entire gamut is covered under one roof, making it easy to place a single order and get it filled quickly and accurately. The customer service promise made by the owner’s, guarantees free delivery by the next day — at prices that are almost wholesale in their cost. As the pre-eminent office supply chain in the states of Kentucky and Indiana, Cardinal has set standards of excellent that are off the chart.

This company was founded in the early 1950s as a seller of manual typewriters, and has grown into the largest store of its kind. Office managers have come to rely on this enterprise for all of their business needs. Since they carry more than just paper clips and staplers, this means that an entire staff can now place one large order, instead of multiple smaller ones. The ability to provide every possible aspect of a building has set these professionals apart from their competition.

The Kentucky branch of cardinal office supplies knows that customer service is the number one rule here, and since the staff has over 300 years of experience between them, it is consistently applied to every order. This means that not only is the shipment fast and free — with delivery by the next business day, but also that the likelihood of a mistake is minimal. That is reason enough to keep these experts on speed dial. The customer service department can be reached at the following address:

576 East Main Street
Frankfort, KY 40601
Phone: 800-589-5886
Fax: 800-539-4325
E-Mail: cservice@cardinalos.com

At the Indiana branch, it’s almost a mirror image of the Kentucky office. There are 3 main divisions: Machines, Furniture, and Supplies. Each of them serves a unique purpose to the customer base, and is essential to the overall success of the company. With 18 dedicated employees, and over 100 years of office products experience, no better supplier can be found in any of the 18 counties that are proudly served by the staff at Cardinal. Their “throwback” vision style represents the old days of customer service, when a buyer was also a friend. Relationships flourished because of face to face meetings instead of simply calling on the telephone. This is one great reason that businesses all over the Hoosier state call here first. The knowledgeable experts can be reached at:

Cardinal Office Products
580 N 36th Street
Lafayette, IN 47905-4760
Phone: 800-589-5886 or (765) 449-9049
Fax: 800-539-4325
E-Mail: cservice@cardinalos.com

Each of the divisions has a separate website that is full of information about their products. Prospective customers can browse different sections through the easily navigated submenu. Categories include such things as careers, machine supplies, machine solutions, reconditioned machines, services requests, machine supply requests, meters and others. An order call be sent in by phone, fax, or placed online. The choice is up to the customer, depending on their order of preference.

There is also a link supplied for special promotions on office supplies. Frequent visitors to the website will be able to get the first pick of the discounts on overstocks or closeout inventory as it becomes available. Submenus also include a more detailed overview of the type of products offered by each division. The categories include Office Furniture, Business Machines, and Machine Demos. All of these are intended to provide more data on items of interest to a prospective buyer. It can also be accessed any time of day or night, providing a 24/7 sales machine to tout these products and services.

Cardinal office supplies has grown from a small manual typewriter store, to a large enterprise, now serving 2 states with the finest in supplies, furniture, and clean up materials on the market. Their past track record suggests that customer service and reliability are not something new. With the two largest independently owned firms of this type in either Kentucky or Indiana, the pros at Cardinal continue to provide the best in service, delivery and product information available.

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