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Texas Attorney General Office - What Does the Texas Attorney General Office Do?

support child consumer crime

The Texas Attorney General Office, or the Office of the Texas Attorney General, holds a great deal of jurisdiction in the interest of Texas and Texas residents. This includes representing Texas, upholding Texas Constitution and laws, consumer rights, child support enforcement, aiding victims of violent crimes, and protecting Texas residents.

Consumers often think they are on the losing end of the battle, believing the law is on the business’s side. However, there are a number of consumer protection laws federally and in Texas. Who enforces these laws? The Texas Attorney General Office: Consumer Protection & Public Health Division. The office advises Texas consumers become familiar with federal and Texas consumer law, though, the Texas Attorney General willingly providing the information. There are also several means of contact, an individual able to call, visit one of many offices in person, or visit the website. The Texas Attorney General Office keeps several employees on hand to aid consumers, answer questions, and process complaints. The office’s website also provides insightful information on consumer laws as well as instructions regarding how to file a complaint, a complaint form, and contact information. The areas of consumer law the Texas Attorney General enforces includes 3-Day Right to Cancel, Charitable Giving and Raffles, Credit Cards, Debt Collection, Internet, the Lemon Law, Telemarketers, and more. Texas consumers are not alone, the Texas Attorney General Office dedicated to protecting consumer rights.

The Texas Attorney General Office’s responsibilities and duties do not end with consumer law, child support also within the office’s jurisdiction. The Child Support Division provides a number of services to the parents including paternity tests, finding a missing parent, upholding child support or medical support orders, and far more. However, one should keep in mind the Texas Attorney General Office does not represent parents in court cases, their responsibility to the welfare of the child/children. The office does advise parents obtain a lawyer to represent his or her interest. The Texas Attorney General Office will pursue the matter of an increase or decrease in child support if warranted. The office will also prosecute obligors (non-custodial parents) who fail to pay child/medical support. Court ordered visitation, unfortunately, is not within the office’s jurisdiction. As with issues concerning consumer law, there are several means of contacting the Texas Attorney General Office about child support concerns. The office provides a toll free number to answer questions, inform parents which office is handling their child support case, update information, file complaints, make support payments, and check on child support payments made. Parents and employers are also welcome to visit physical office locations or the Texas Attorney General Office website.

In the spirit of protecting Texas residents, there is the Texas Attorney General Office: Crime Victims’ Compensation Program. The program was established to help victims of crimes pay for expenses incurred because of the crime such as medical costs and counseling. The Texas Attorney General Office also aids families with the funeral costs in cases in which a family member was killed in a crime. There is an impressive list of individuals eligible for the Crime Victims’ Compensation Program from a victim of a crime who is physically or emotionally hurt or killed, any of the victim’s dependants, family members, and others. The Texas Attorney General Office even goes as far as to see to the needs of Texas residents victimized in crimes occurring in other states if the state does not have a similar program. The office also aids crime victims by enforcing the victims’ right to be notified of court proceedings, conviction, and even release of the offender. This is done through Texas VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday). In the case of a capital appeal, a right given to offenders sentenced to death, the Texas Attorney General Office represents the state of Texas, the victim, and the victim’s family. Any information concerning the Crime Victims’ Compensation Program is available over the phone, at office locations, and on the website. In short, the Texas Attorney General Office is here to protect the residents of Texas.

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