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Diane Von Furstenberg Clothing - Why Women Should Wear Diane von Furstenberg Clothing

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Ever since the 1970’s, designer Diane von Furstenberg has been revolutionizing the world of women’s fashion from runways across the globe. On a mission to empower women and celebrate femininity, the Diane von Furstenberg clothing label launched the wrap dress into the world of modern fashion in 1972 with the message, “Feel like a woman. Wear a dress.” Now one of the most iconic pieces in ladies’ apparel, the wrap dress is still transcending generations of changing styles as a best-selling item. From the birth of that first wrap dress the Diane von Furstenberg line has continued to explode in popularity and range of merchandise covering everything from swimwear to winter coats. The Diane von Furstenberg clothing empire does expand well beyond fashion – it is a lifestyle benefitting women worldwide though instilling confidence and inspiring them to realize their dreams by first taking care of themselves and dressing for the lives they desire live. Diane von Furstenberg clothing is ready-to-wear making the brand not only high fashion but accessible and easy to wear as well. These simple yet stunning pieces are created to be ideal for mixing and matching and creating various mod layered looks to suit every occasion. With a vast array of jackets, pants, dresses, blouses, shorts, sweaters, skirts, and coats all done in sophisticated coordinating color pallets, the Diane von Furstenberg repertoire simplifies the process of building a complete, cohesive, and timeless wardrobe appropriate for any lifestyle. Diane von Furstenberg clothing is both cosmopolitan enough for the office environment and playful enough for any whirlwind adventure while still being simple enough for everyday wear. All Diane von Furstenberg collections are designed with the needs and spirit of the active woman in mind. From sportswear to swimwear and all the way up the fashion spectrum to gowns, every piece projects a sense of confident energy and effortless sex appeal making the transition from day to evening engagements flawless. The signature relaxed fits paired with tailored structure in all of the right places makes Diane von Furstenberg clothing flattering on all body types across the board. These pieces highlight every good feature of the female form and camouflage any problem areas of the figure while remaining both comfortable and becoming. Every garment is practical and wearable yet still remains chic and fashion forward. Diane von Furstenberg collections cleverly merge streamlined structural elements with light breezy materials for a well rounded and visually interesting appearance while evening out the proportions of the body to sculpt a sexy womanly form. Hints of 1940’s and 1970’s glamour combined with up-to-date silhouettes create the perfect balance between vintage and modern aesthetics to compliment every wardrobe and accentuate the body’s most appealing attributes. These classic detail trademarks of the Diane von Furstenberg clothing company add extraordinary personality and character to otherwise ordinary wardrobe staple pieces. Added to great fit and beautiful detailing are the uses of texture and graphic prints to engage the senses. Diane von Furstenberg clothing is composed of texturally interesting materials such as felted wool, silk-chiffon, polyester twill, and leather to catch the eye and stimulate the touch. Known for using bold original patterns, the Diane von Furstenberg line brings vintage inspired prints into the modern wardrobe with a sense of fun and flirtatiousness. From the fabrics to the shapes and down to every last stitch, each garment is intended to help women feel sexy and powerful in the workplace, in the home, and all over the world.

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