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Mens Clothing Suits - Mens Clothing: Suits Are Essential

look fit length pinstripe

When it comes to mens clothing, suits are the choice for the man who wants to look professional, polished and well-to-do. All men should have at least one suit in their clothing wardrobe, regardless of their profession, lifestyle or income. This is because everyone needs to be prepared for those unforeseen situations that inevitably come up when they are least expected. Events like a funeral, wedding or job interview often catch men off guard. There is no reason to take a situation that is usually awkward and uncomfortable to begin with and make it even more so by feeling severely underdressed and less than your best.

The relaxed dress code at many businesses means that most men are no longer required to wear suits to work. While it may not be obligatory for men to wear more formal clothing, like suits, to most events, it will never look bad. That is because it is always better to be overdressed, rather than underdressed. Unless, of course, the suit is terribly outdated, ill-fitting or just plain cheap. Some men feel that suits are uncomfortable and too stiff. When mens clothing, especially a suit, fits properly, then men will actually feel more confident and self-assured.

The one essential suit that every man should have needs to be in neutral color like gray, navy or chocolate brown. Avoid an all black suit, as it can look too morbid or too formal. However, a black suit with a subtle pinstripe or check can look appropriate. There are a few different suit patterns. Pinstripe suits have vertical lines of color throughout the suit. The lines can be in varying degrees of thickness. Generally, the thinner the pinstripe, the more conservative the suit, while a thicker pinstripe is more fashion forward and more noticeable. The next style of mens suit patterns is the window pane suit. They have widely spaced vertical and horizontal stripes that form a rectangular or square pattern throughout the suit. Finally, there is the plaid suit. However, this style with the check pattern is best left to those in the entertainment industry or the extremely fashion conscious man. The most common type of mens suit is the single-breasted style which can have one, two or three buttons. It will look good on everyone. A double-breasted suit will look best on taller men because there is more fabric.

Proper fit is essential for clothing to look good. This is especially important for a suit. Most suits will need a bit of tailoring to ensure that the fit is perfect because no two men have the exact same measurements or body type. The first thing to look for is the shoulders of the suit. They should hug the shoulders without being too wide or too bulky. Next is the chest, the jacket should button smoothly without any gapping or straining. The wearer should be ably to freely move his arms around, up over his head and hug himself without any tightness or constraint. Also, the jacket should not ride up when lifting the arms over the head. As for the length of the suit, when standing upright the hands should be able to cup the under sides of the suit. It should not be any longer than fingertip length. The sleeve length should be long enough to cover the wrist bone while allowing a half inch of the dress shirt to show. A quarter inch of the shirt should also show above the collar. The slacks of mens suits should fit at the waist, rather than low on the hips or high above the stomach. For the proper length of the pant, the cuff of the pant should rest on the top of the shoes.

By following these simple guidelines, all men can have a well-fitting suit that is appropriate for just about any circumstance. When men are rushed due to an upcoming event, they risk wasting money the first ill-fitting suit they find. Buying in advance allows them to take their time shopping for a suit, therefore, they will be able to find the best deal and will have time to get it tailored to fit.

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