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Anne Klein Women's Shoes - Anne Klein Women's Shoes Symbolize Timeless Fashion

women’s york leather line

Every now and then a fashion designer makes a lasting impression on the public’s perception of quality. Anne Klein, born and bred in New York City, was such a designer. Despite her death in 1974, at only 50 years of age, her mark remains in the lines of clothing, shoes, handbags and watches that carry the Anne Klein and Co. name. Now owned by Jones Apparel Group, and intermittently steered by Donna Karan, another New Yorker of notable fashion success, the Anne Klein brand has symbolized fine products for women interested in fashion without compromising class. Enter Anne Klein women’s shoes, epitomizing what fashionable, classy footwear has meant for over thirty years.

Ann Klein women’s shoes are divided into the Anne Klein New York and, somewhat lower priced, AK Anne Klein lines. With either, there’s no mistake that cutting edge, extremely tasteful style rules the day. Moreover, busy women depend on the lines for making selections from kicky, casual weekend flats to super high heels with exciting details. Sold online and in better department stores, faithful customers know they can count on the Anne Klein name regardless of the season or the occasion.

What makes Anne Klein and women’s shoes almost synonymous terms for many? It could be the attention to detail or high quality of workmanship. Possibly, though, it’s the built-in comfort of insole cushioning, with the “iflex” trademark assuring flexibility often lacking in fashionable footwear. Style-wise then, what might be expected with the more expensive Anne Klein New York line?

The highest caliber of Anne Klein women’s shoes, this line features regular prices ranging from $235 to $350. Boots, however, can run as high as $487, particularly if knee high, riding style versions. Much of the line’s cost is undoubtedly because of the nearly total use of leather in fashioning not just the shoes’ uppers, but also the soles. Many styles are made in Italy, well known for high leather quality and workmanship. No stone is left unturned regarding design construction, comfortable fit, and fashion detail. The amazing results offer variety while illustrating what all ladies’ footwear should be.

The New York line features casual, dress, sandal, and boot models, a virtual style gamut. For instance, the mod, ankle-high boots, at $297, with leather embossed uppers, fashionable pointed toes and slender 2.5" heels, contrast with the “croc” patent pumps sought after by women looking for footwear to accompany boardroom suits. Stylish and classy, these no-nonsense shoes, at $327, would make anyone’s feet look more important. Artfully made in Italy, they are fashionably powerful shoes for the modern woman on the rise. Just like the boots, they are enhanced by cushioned insoles to make them feel as good as they look.

Anne Klein women’s shoes are not simply about power, though, as they can also embody the fun and feminine side that most women enjoy. The bronze, snake-skin high heels, around $242, and titled “Beloved” are the essence of feminine allure. With cushioned leather insoles to assure comfort, they nonetheless showcase a sling-back, peep toe design, with a 3.5" wrapped heel. Great for a night on the town, especially after spending the day, or the week, in the boardroom, they encourage splurging on good quality footwear to lighten the mood. And, although lucky shoppers might catch Anne Klein New York on sale, they should still expect to pay close to $100 and up for a bargain.

The AK Anne Klein line, while not quite as costly, manages to keep the integrity of fashionable design and traditional classy looks. While a knee high boot can run $170, most shoes average around $75 at their seasonal release prices. Running the gamut, from sensible mid-heel pumps for the office to red patent leather stilettos with sexy cut-out sides, there’s also a myriad of flats from mesh trimmed to metallic. Clearly, shopping for Anne Klein women’s shoes in the AK line is bound to be as exhilarating as scaling the heights in the New York collection.

Whether looking to acquire shoes that are chic, sporty, elegant, or businesslike, Anne Klein women’s shoes won’t disappoint. Perhaps that is why they are a timeless symbol of all that fashion should aspire to while still proudly bearing the designer’s name whose vision of high standards lives on today.

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