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Vans Kids Shoes - Style And Comfort Are Readily Found In All Lines Of Vans Kids Shoes

vans classic slip on vans authentic core classics vans era

The days of shopping for kids’ shoes is no longer confined to a simple selection of sports footwear, patent leather party shoes for the girls, and polished loafers for the boys.

As more and more kinds of shoes are developed for the adult public, the shoe companies have capitalized on the popularity of some of their more lucrative lines and have therefore decided to manufacture a child’s version of the shoe.

From slip-ons to the traditional lace and tie sneaker to the skate shoe in both high top and low top styles, Vans kids shoes present children with a world of design and fashion for all their wardrobe needs.

The flair Vans kids shoes has displayed over the years has not changed much, and for one solid reason: people are more than pleased at what they purchase from the Vans lines of footwear, which means the company follows the famous mantra “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Durability and true to size fit are two more features characterizing Vans kids shoes. So comfortable and chic are their shoes that many children sport them for almost any kind of casual occasion. Vans kids shoes also come in all shades of single colors, to numerous choices of brightly paired color combinations for the kid who enjoys making a statement and standing out from the crowd.

As one reviewer stated about her child’s new pair of Vans shoes: “I had to buy these because my son wore his other pair so much that it was time for something new. Just goes to show how much he loves his sneakers, as I was given a big smile before he ran outside to play in his new shoes.”

What are the different styles of Vans kids shoes available?

Vans Classic Slip On

Coming in more than ten single color and color combination options, the Vans classic slip on is known in the Vans world as “the shoe that started it all” – and is still going strong more than forty years later.

Described as a deck shoe of the slip on variety, this particular line of Vans kids shoes is made of canvas for the upper part to give it long lasting wear, and a gum rubber outer sole for comfort and further durability. The padding inside the shoe provides superior shock absorbency, an important feature in the children’s world of hard core playing and running around on all surface types.

Those who wish to purchase this line of Vans kids shoes will find that the price easily fits into the budget, with a tag of forty dollars (and free shipping from various online outlets that offer this service).

Vans Authentic Core Classics

Another line of Vans kids shoes that are practical and fashionable, the Authentic Core Classics feature a lace and tie style and come in six different colors that will blend with just about any casual outfit a child might choose to wear. Navy blue, red, black with black trim or black with white trim, creamy white, or pure white are the color options from which to select.

Vans Authentic Core Classics are also famous for their ability to not break the bank. Costing a sum of between forty and fifty dollars, the price makes them a good investment for children and parents alike.

Vans Era

Those who purchase the Vans Era sneakers for their children are making the right choice, assuming they are following the advice of the more than one hundred fifty critics of Vans kids shoes who easily award this specific line a strong five star rating.

Eighteen different colors and subsequent color combinations are available for the Vans Era shoes. A classic shoe that laces up and is good for those children who enjoy skating, the Vans Era line is also comprised of a cotton lining on the inside which gives good breathability to the shoe wearer, a padded collar for extra shock absorbing, and the traditional gum rubber sole for which the Vans brand is known.

Another of the Vans kids shoes that is budget friendly, parents can afford to buy more than one style and color shade when their children need a new pair of sneakers!

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