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On Line Shoes - Find Great Shoes Shopping On Line

onlineshoes.com zappos.com kmart.com shoeocean.com foureverfunky.com

The internet has become the new shopping mall for many consumers. You can buy just about anything online. Buying on line shoes can be a challenge but there are some great deals. Many on line shoe websites are available from bargain shoes to the most exquisite designer shoes at a fraction of the price. Just be careful when buying designer shoes. Be sure they are genuine.

Buying on line shoes can also be difficult to fit when you can’t try them on until after they arrive. Many websites offer free shipping and a liberal return policy so you don’t have to worry if the shoe is not right for you.

When you are shopping for shoes on line a search engine is your best bet. Describe the shoes you are looking for and odds are you will find a website that sells them. Go to Google and search on whatever kind of shoes you want. Try ‘women’s zebra print shoes’, for example. When you get your search results, click on the shopping link and you will see all the styles, prices and the link for purchasing the shoes on line. If you’re not sure want kind of shoes you want, there are plenty of websites to visit.


This website has thousands of shoe choices. They carry men, women’s, and children’s shoes in all widths. Many shoe brands use different terminology for sizing, so Onlineshoes.com has a great size conversion chart for your convenience. Once you find your size, you can shop with confidence.

You can search Onlineshoes.com by style, brand, color, or size. Most of their women’s shoes range from $50 and up, however, they do offer some great deals in their Outlet Store. This will help narrow down your selection to exactly what you are looking for. They offer free shipping; free exchanges and they have a 365-day return policy.


Zappos is another great on line shoe shopping website. They have over 25,000 styles, colors, and sizes available for men, women, and children. Like many of the on line shoes websites, Zappos also offers free shipping both ways and a 365-day return policy.

Zappos does not offer a size conversion chart but they do explain that sizes do vary and with their free return shipping policy, there is no obligation to the consumer.


Kmart.com has an excellent selection of shoes at reasonable prices. You can also purchase Sears brand shoes here. Although K-mart charges for shipping, you can return your items to the nearest K-mart or Sears stores, you do not incur the cost of mailing.

Oftentimes Kmart has some fantastic on line shoes sales. Many shoes cost under $20. They sometimes offer a buy one; get one at half price. Currently Kmart is offering 20% off select merchandise for unemployed customers in addition to their rewards program.


Shoeocean.com is a great online shoe website for the outrageous. They offer men’s and women’s shoes. If you are looking for a pair of real showstoppers, this is the site for you. Their pumps are generally 4”-5” high. Their colors are vivacious. Their prices are right!

Most of the women’s shoes on this site range from $20 – $30. They even have shoes under $10. So if you want wild, crazy, sexy, extreme shoes at a great price on line, visit Shoeocean.com. They offer free shipping if you purchase at least $100 worth of merchandise.


Last, but certainly not least, is foureverfunky.com. They call their line of shoes ‘funkalicious footwear’. They show strappy stilettos, studded ankle-wrapped platforms, animal prints, fruity color combinations, plaids, polka dots, and even knee high sneakers in wild patterns.

You can purchase men’s, women’s, and kids ‘funkalicious’ shoes in their on line clearance center for as low as $6.99 and they also offer free shipping for orders of $50 or more.

Shopping for shoes on line is a money saver too. You don’t have to drive to the mall, the selection is better and deals abound. There are plenty of options for finding the perfect shoes on line. You just have to know where to look.

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