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Mens Water Shoes - How to Choose a Pair of Men’s Water Shoes

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Whether interested in hiking through terrain that includes rivers and streams, exploring rocky beaches or traversing across formidable beds of corral, water shoes can be indispensible for many recreational activities. No other type of shoe is as practical for protecting the foot and toes from sharp rocks and potentially dangerous landscapes while providing ample tread and allowing feet to grip wet surfaces for maximum safety. Water shoes allow the wearer to fully enjoy a wide range of water activities in comfort and safety.

One of the many wonderful features of this specialized footwear is the ability to allow the wearer to fully submerge their feet in a wet environment without trapping excess water in the shoes and with enough ventilation to fully dry in a short time, readying the wearer for dry land activities should they choose. Water shoes are also an excellent choice for anyone interested in participating in water sports.

So how exactly should a pair of water shoes be chosen? There are several things to consider when choosing a pair of men’s water shoes. This page will inform readers of several key factors to keep in mind while shopping for a pair of water shoes. Read on for a step-by-step guide to choosing the absolute best type of water shoes for the type of activity and protection desired.

How to Choose Men’s Water Shoes

1. Consider the type of activity that the shoes will primarily be used for. If shoes will used for activities both in and out of the water, make sure to choose a pair that will be comfortable for both types of terrain. Many water shoes feature sophisticated construction that allows the wearer to utilize them as traditional hiking shoes.

2. Consider shoe design. Water shoes are available in both closed toe models and sandal models. A closed toe will provide maximum toe protection for hiking, while a sandal type of water shoe will allow the wearer more freedom and a faster drying time.

3. Consider the arch support. If the shoe will be used for cross-training and multi-terrain activities, make sure that it is supportive enough to provide all day comfort.

4. Consider the tread. Inspect the sole of the water shoe to determine if the shoe will provide adequate grip for slippery terrain. The sole should be able to protect the foot from any possibility of puncture and allow the wearer to maintain secure traction at all times.

5. Consider the materials. It is important to choose water shoes that are made primarily from a meshed material. The mesh will allow water to drain from the shoe, keeping the foot ventilated and preventing any excess water from being trapped.

6. Consider the ease of use. Another factor to consider when selecting water shoes is whether or not they can easily be slipped on and off if they will not be utilized for all day use.

Additional Tips for Choosing Men’s Water Shoes

As with any pair of shoes, it is highly recommended that they be tried on before purchase. A good general rule of thumb is to try shoes on in the latter part of the day when feet and legs are retaining the most water. This will ensure that the shoe is a good fit even when the foot is slightly swollen. A well fitting pair of shoes will allow feet and toes to have a small amount wiggle room, but not enough room to cause slippage resulting in painful blisters.

Water shoes should be constructed with the most durable of materials, including a heavy rubber sole for maximum protection. Many models include the bonus of a removable foot bed insole that can be hand washed or taken out to dry separately. Ideally, the bed of the shoe will have been treated with an anti-microbial solution to prevent the build up of harmful bacteria.

Choosing a comfortable and practical pair of men’s water shoes is a fairly easy task when these key elements are taken into consideration. There are an endless variety of water shoes to choose from. Remembering that a pair of water shoes should provide comfort, traction and versatility will make the decision slightly less confusing.

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