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Breast Cancer Uk - Breast Cancer UK Statistics: What They Tell Us And What We Should Do About The Problem

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Breast cancer UK statistics are growing at an alarming rate, and women in the region should take it as a warning that precautions must be done, and they must be done soon.

The United Kingdom isn’t really the biggest country in the world, yet, in 2007 alone, 45,700 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. This is roughly equivalent to 125 women being diagnosed with the disease every single day. Additionally, this accounts to more than 13% of the total number of breast cancer patients in the European Union, as in 2008, there have been 332,000 cases in EU-27.

All indications point to the fact that such a number has increased in the past 3 years. After all, a 5% increase is experienced per year since 1997, and there has been no medical breakthrough that would’ve stymied the said pace. The number of breast cancer patients has increased by 50% since 1982.

Here’s another telling breast cancer UK statistic: 8 out of 10 women who are diagnosed with this disease are above the age of 50.

The problem isn’t gender-specific, either. In the same year, 277 men were diagnosed with breast cancer. Though the number is relatively small, it is still quite glaring if we’ll consider the fact that breast cancer in males is a rarity.

Each and every year in the United Kingdom, an estimated number of 12,000 women and 70 men die as a result of the disease. Of the female victims, around 1,300 are below the age of 50. More than 6,000 are above the age of 70.

Clearly, these breast cancer UK statistics indicate a present and ever growing problem, one that should be realized today to curtail a frighteningly increasing mortality rate.

How can you prevent the development of breast cancer? Here are 5 vital tips you can follow:

1. Maintain a healthy body mass index (BMI). Being overweight is a major risk factor in acquiring breast cancer. By keeping fit through proper diet and regular exercise, you’ll be able to maintain a healthy weight and greatly minimize the possibility of the developing the disease. This is even more necessary for women who are approaching the menopausal stage, as this period also increases the risk of breast cancer. Eat more fruits and vegetables. And make sure that you get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.

2. Avoid taking estrogen and xeno-estrogen unless absolutely necessary as required by a legitimate medical prescription. Most breast cancer cases in the UK are directly proportional to the amount of estrogen taken in during the patient’s lifetime. Estrogen is the primary female hormone and is introduced to the body for a variety of reasons, ranging from developmental to aesthetic. If the need isn’t essential, do refuse estrogen intake.

3. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates with high glycemic index. Food types belonging to this group are also called as Great White Hazards, mainly because of their dominant color. White rice, white sugar, white bread and white potatoes are just some of the food types that contain carbohydrates with dangerous glycemic levels. High carbohydrates on blood sugar levels cause hormonal changes that trigger cellular growth in and around the breast tissue. There are many alternatives to these Great White Hazards, including but not limited to beans, legumes and whole grain delicacies.

4. Significantly minimize alcohol intake. Breast cancer UK statistics reveal that alcohol is one of the primary risk factors in the development of the disease. An intake of just one alcoholic beverage per day is said to increase the chances of developing breast cancer by as much as 20 to 25%. This is huge. Reducing alcohol intake can mean the difference between a healthy life, and one that is plagued by the ever dangerous shadow of breast cancer in the UK.

5. Maintain a positive outlook in life. Don’t drown yourself in stress. Stress in never good, and if you live a stressful life, breast cancer may become the least of your worries. Pamper yourself from time to time. Try to sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours per night. Have fun with family and friends. A positive mental outlook will go a long, long way in warding off the threat of breast cancer.

Breast cancer UK statistics, though currently alarming, can still be reversed.

But we should act now.

And we should act fast.

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