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Stage 1 Breast Cancer - Treatment Against Stage 1 Breast Cancer

chemotherapy patient women survival

Breast cancer is very serious and life-threatening disease and should be treated immediately. The symptoms for breast cancer are lumps in the breast, pain or swelling. If you feel a lump in your breast it is important that you immediately go to your doctor and let them try to diagnose the lump. Not all lumps in the breast are cancerous, so do not get worried if you feel one.

If you feel a lump and the doctor diagnoses it as stage 1 breast cancer you have a good chance of surviving. Stage 1 breast cancer is a very early diagnosis of cancer, and the survival rate for stage 1 breast cancer is extremely high. Stage 1 breast cancer is treatable, and in most cases is cured after a few months of treatment.

The treatment for stage 1 breast cancer is surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and possibly hormone therapy depending on it the other procedures were successful or not. Using all these methods icreases the survival rate of the patient significantly. Breast cancer is beatable if the patient should agree to use all these methods to fight the cancer.

Having a strong support system and having a team of educated doctors is the best way to fight stage 1 breast cancer. The patient must be very resilient and believe that the treatment is going to work. Staying mentally tough will increase the chances of survival for the patient. Positive thinking, and constant belief in new treatments you are undergoing is important.

Breast cancer surgery is usually the first avenue that doctors take for treating stage 1 breast cancer. The goal of the breast cancer surgery is to remove the cancerous tumor within the breast. If the tumor is caught early enough this may be all it takes to remove the cancer from the body. After the surgery, chemotherapy will be administered to the patient to ensure that the cancer is totally killed off.

Chemotherapy uses various drugs to attack the cancer cells and remove them from the body. Most women diagnosed with breast cancer will go through some form of chemotherapy to eliminate any chance that the cancer cells are still remaining the breast. Not all chemotherapy regimens are the same though, so women with stage 1 breast cancer will usually go on a 12 week chemotherapy program. Other stages of breast cancer will require longer treatments of chemotherapy.

Radiation treatment is the next step for stage 1 breast cancer. Radiation treatment is used when the other forms of cancer removal have not been successful, and usually women who suffer from stage 1 breast cancer do not have to go through full radiation treatment process.

Hormone therapy is the final step that may have to be taken against stage 1 breast cancer. Hormone therapy employs the use of specific hormones to work against any remaining cancer cells in the breast. These hormones work against the cancer cells and kill them. Hormone therapy is not really common among stage 1 breast cancer patients though, and is usually used as a last resort.

Staying positive and using all the methods available to you to treat stage 1 breast cancer will ensure victory over the disease. The earlier stage 1 breast cancer is caught, the better chance of survival the patient has. Millions of women suffer from breast cancer, and millions of women survive and beat the disease.

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