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Cost Breast Augmentation - How Much Will Breast Augmentation Cost?

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The cost of breast augmentation is dependent upon several factors: the plastic surgeon, the type of implant, the facility at which the operation takes place, the region of the country that the operation is done in, and whether you are having any additional surgeries like a breast lift done at the same time. The complete cost for breast augmentation including implants is anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000. If you are getting a revision breast augmentation down, this can be more expensive than a primary breast augmentation.
There are several fees included in the cost for breast augmentation. They are the surgeon’s fee, the fee for the anesthetic, the operating room fee, and the implant fee. The last fee only applies if implants are going to be surgically inserted.
Also, the surgeons training and skill determine how much the operation will cost. A surgeon who has been practicing for many years will cost more than a surgeon that just recently got into the practice.
Typically, the prices break down in the following manner. The average breast implants cost between $1,000 for saline implants to $1,300 for silicone implants. On average, the typical anesthetic fee is around $600 to $800. The cost of anesthetic varies because there are two types of anesthetic: local and general. The general put you to sleep completely while the local simply sedates you. A general anesthetic tends to cost more. There is also an operating room fee which usually costs $800 to $1,200. Also, the method by which you choose to have the implants inserted will determine the cost as some implants are easier to insert than others. There are also several additional fees for medications, lab fees, and various tests that need to be done before surgery. When talking to your surgeon, it is best to ask them what fees are included in the cost.
Also, the location that you have the surgery will affect the cost. For example, it will cost you $3,000 more to have the surgery in Santa Monica, CA than it will in Santa Barbara, CA. Usually, the cost for breast augmentation is higher in urban areas, where surgeons are in higher demand, then in rural areas where the demand for them is low.
Unfortunately, medical insurance rarely covers any sort of cosmetic surgery unless it is for reconstructive purposes. You can ask the surgeon about what financing and payment options are available.

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