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Casement Air Conditioners - Casement Air Conitioners Provide Cool Summer Comfort

unit window inside windows

Cooling a small home or room with casement air conditioners makes a lot of sense compared to installing a central air conditioner if the weather does not warrant full-time air conditioning in the summer months. These air conditioners can also be used in conjunction with central air conditioners to cool an exceptionally hot room. Casement air conditioners fit inside windows and they cool the room and remove excess humidity, adding even more comfort for the room’s occupant.

Casement air conditioners do not use nearly the electricity they used to, and come in a range of BTUs to cool rooms. Some even come with heating elements that add heat in the cool fall nights and cold winter days. Many people take their window air conditioners out if they do not have heating elements when the weather cools so that they can tightly close the window to prevent cold drafts or air from infiltrating inside the room.

Although these units are called casement air conditioners, they fit in windows that slide horizontally. The casement air conditioners are designed to be longer than they are wide, helping reduce the amount of space to block in windows that the air conditioner unit itself does not cover. Most casement air conditioners come with pullout sliders to eliminate air coming inside the home from the outside.

In hot rooms that face south or west, the casement air conditioners can save considerably on utility bills by not having to lower the thermostat to cool the entire house just to make one room more comfortable. The new window air conditioners on the market use far less power than the older models, and the energy savings can be significant. They may also have fins to direct the air in three or four different directions that will cool the entire room quickly, instead of just the air closest to the casement air conditioner.

Some of the units can be programmed for time of day use. The room’s occupant can select the time when he is likely to come home from work and program the unit to start an hour before he arrives. This saves power all day long when the room is not occupied and creates a comfortable environment when the room is needed. Some of the new units also have variable fan speeds instead of the older styles, which may have just two or three different speeds to run the fan.

When choosing casement window air conditioners, selecting the right size may be the most important consideration. An air conditioner that is too small will run much longer than a unit that is the proper size. Casement air conditioners are sized for eight-foot ceilings. People who have high ceilings or vaulted ceilings need to consider those before they pick the size of the air conditioner for a room.

The next consideration is choosing the energy efficiency rating. The most efficient casement air conditioners cost a bit more, but it will not take long to offset that expense based on the energy savings. The last consideration is whether to buy a unit with a heater inside. If the room is perpetually hot and cold, buying a multifunctional unit helps create a comfortable room all year long.

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