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Soleus Air Conditioner - The Different Applications for a Soleus Air Conditioner

window units portable air conditioners ductless split systems environmentally friendly

Soleus manufacturers air conditioning products for a variety of consumer and commercial applications. They are the #1 producer of portable a/c solutions marketed under a number of recognizable brand names. Soleus is now manufacturing their own line of air conditioners, continuing to include the quality and dependability that has made them a primary supplier to the commercial builders market.

Soleus invests heavily in research and development in order to continually improve product performance and energy efficiency. They offer a variety of cooling alternatives including window, portable and split air conditioners

Window Units

Soleus manufactures popular window units in a number of styles with BTU outputs that range from 6000 to 24,500. They are available in straight air conditioning models or with supplemental heat, and every unit uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant. All Soleus a/c window units include a digital thermostat and a washable filter. The energy saving mode can substantially reduce utility bills while providing cool, efficient comfort.

All models include a remote control that varies fan speed and temperature. The installation of a Soleus air conditioner is effortless as the units are designed to fit most standard windows.

Portable Air conditioners

A portable Soleus air conditioner may be preferable to a window unit in a number of applications. Portable room air conditioners have a flexible hose that can be attached to any size window to exhaust the hot air from the unit. Using heavy duty casters, they can be rolled to different areas of the home that needs immediate cooling. Theses units are designed to dehumidify the space while providing simultaneous cooling. Soleus portable air conditioners also include a water reservoir that collects the condensation that results from cooling the air.

Soleus offers portable air conditioners rated from 8000 to 12,000 BTU’s of cooling capacity which is sufficient to air condition a 300 to 400 square foot room. Each unit comes with a remote control to set the temperature and fan speed.

Ductless Split Systems

Ductless mini splits are a great alternative to central air conditioning systems. Soleus ductless air conditioners do not require any modification to the structure and operate quietly and efficiently since the condensing unit is placed outside the home.

Soleus split systems work exceptionally well in garage enclosures or room additions where it is impractical to install ductwork. Each indoor unit contains an evaporator coil and a fan, housed in an eye catching enclosure attached to the wall.

Ductless air conditioners from Soleus are made in 9,000 to 24,000 BTU models. Each unit includes inverter technology and multi speed fan controls which provides maximum efficiency and energy savings while lowering utility costs.

Mini split air conditioners from Soleus include a remote control, and wall hung thermostats are an option. Systems are also available in heat pump configurations as well.

Environmentally Friendly

Soleus is dedicated to manufacturing the most energy efficient and ecologically friendly air conditioners on the market. Every product or feature that can save energy is highlighted by the Soleus “green” logo of approval. Soleus is committed to providing detailed information to help consumers make informed decisions when purchasing heating and cooling equipment.

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