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Microsoft Outlook Exchange Server - The Benefits Of Using Microsoft Outlook Exchange Server For Your Business

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The Microsoft Exchange server and Microsoft Outlook, its accompanying client software, are a powerful set of tools designed to allow businesses to collaborate and unify communications in their offices across multiple devices.

Many users of Microsoft Windows are familiar with Outlook. At its core, Outlook is an email client. It can send, help to compose, and receive emails from a server. However, it also has a host of other features that shine when connected to a Microsoft Exchange server.

Microsoft Outlook has an option for using a calendar. Through Exchange server software, this calendar can become a common way to schedule meetings, work shifts, time off requests, and even lunches or breaks if necessary for an entire office. This information can be relayed through the server and become available immediately to the employees who need it. In this way, individuals can adjust and view their calendars while administrators can collate and approve changes.

The Microsoft Exchange server software provides many benefits to an administrator. It is comprised of several components that allow a clean and unified method of management of communications within the office.

The Exchange server can take emails, faxes, text message and even voice mails and route them through processes and place them all within the same mailbox which Outlook can then read. This seamless integration of different communication methods can greatly simplify the myriad of methods used to transfer data.

The server is also capable of being used via a mobile device. Several companies have special software that will allow their mobile devices to communicate with an Exchange server. This allows employees who have to travel access to the most current emails and other information. It is a secure and efficient series of protocols that help to make this possible.

Another invaluable tool is called ActiveSync. This is a module which allows any computer or mobile device which is not directly attached to the network to synchronize data with the current calendar and messaging services located on the main network automatically.

The complete Microsoft Outlook Exchange server suite also contains a scripting language and special command line mode which allows administrators to program specific tasks which can be run automatically from within the program. This feature allows usually tedious routines to be completely automated with very little effort.

Unfortunately, the server software is not inexpensive. Since many of the features only truly shine when applied to a medium sized office or larger, the enterprise version of the software is priced accordingly. However, technical options like server clustering and extensive database management tools make the cost well worth it.

Like other business oriented Microsoft products, Exchange Server and Outlook require individual licenses to be purchased. These can either be purchased per computer used or per user using the software.

Future editions of the Microsoft Exchange server software are already in the works and they seek to unify not only communications, as it almost already has, but also the creating and manipulation of office information before it is sent.

The ultimate goal will be to someday have the entire Microsoft Office suite seamlessly integrated with the Exchange server software to allow real-time collaborations across multiple programs, multiple platforms, and even multiple devices creating an office environment where productivity is no longer limited by disparate software systems.

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