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Microsoft Xp Support - Are You Worried About Being Left Without Microsoft XP Support?

windows files backup system

Becoming stranded is a common concern among Windows users. Microsoft continually pushes the old aside to make room from the new. Microsoft XP is no different. As Windows XP support closes down, many XP users worry about being left without Microsoft support for XP.

Here, including some of the answers that are available, are some questions that worried Windows XP users are asking.

What can an XP user do about lost or missing updates and service packs?

The worry is that an XP system crash will force a “from scratch” reinstall of Microsoft XP. This means that all of the updates and service packs that Microsoft has previously issued may be difficult, if not impossible, to come by. Furthermore, this support issue extends well beyond Microsoft, for the user of any Windows based operating system, unless wise enough to have created an external source for driver backups, must also contend with the loss of device driver files.

As one answer to this question, go to the Microsoft Update Catalog website (http://catalog.update.microsoft.com/v7/site/Home.aspx), and then input “Windows XP” into the search box. This will display a list of over 1000 Microsoft XP support files, including rollbacks, service packs, security updates, and more.

On the right side of the display screen you will see an option box that permits you to add all of the files to a basket. As an alternative, you can also individually select files that you want to add. After making your selections, look at the top right corner of the display, just beneath the search box. Left click on “view basket”, and then download the selected files for future installation as needed.

Take time to burn the files to a CD or DVD. If that feared Windows crash is due to a hard drive failure, the backup files may also be gone.

As to backing up device drivers, the easy method involves using a driver backup utility program. Look into a commercial package, or take a visit over to The Free country (http://www.thefreecountry.com/utilities/driverbackup.shtml) and download one of the free device driver handling files.

Rumors Abound: How Do You Know If It Affects You?

Many XP users are confused as to how an end of XP support affects them. Knowing where to look for the answers keeps one from useless worry. For full details from Microsoft, head over to www.support.microsoft.com, and do a search for XP support.

Here you will discover an answer to the question, links to more in depth answers, and the Microsoft support statement concerning support end dates for Vista and XP alike. Take special notice to the link that is attached to “Learn how to install Windows XP Service Pack 3”. It is critical that your backup plans include these instructions along with a list of all prerequisite software files. By following the link, you will also come to information that details how to manually install Windows XP SP3 by using the aforementioned Microsoft Download Center or a CD.

Anyone who is bound and determined to hold fast to the Microsoft XP operating system should follow and print every XP related link that is mention by the “What does it mean if my version of Windows is no longer supported” web page.

Is There No Easier Method?

I am glad you asked that question.

Rather than chasing down all of these Microsoft solutions and headaches, the wise user will simply use a good disk cloning software. Several high performance free packages are available. One of the finer solutions comes about by combining BartPE with DriveImage XML. Paragon Software also offers an excellent free Windows XP backup and restore program.

Take time to go through all of Microsoft’s update choices for Windows XP so you’re your system completely up-to-date. Then use any of these tools to create, on an external disk drive, a complete backup of that up-to-date system. Be certain that you also create a boot disk that will read and restore the Windows XP backup files.

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